Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bachelor Break Take One

I'm taking a break from my regular scheduled blog to bring you my thoughts on The Bachelor. As you can imagine, I'm quite opinionated on the subject and thought I'd share.

First off. WOW did I get ripped off. I say this every time I watch. Damn! Flying on a plane! A bazillion dollars in diamonds on your neck! A photo shoot for InStyle Mag!!??!?! A Chicago concert?!?!??????????

What the? Random, but good in a cheesy Jake kinda way.

He's cheesy non? My friends and I were saying tonight how if he just had a little edge. Just a little sass.. a little sarcasm, he'd be the total package. He's just TOO NICE. We all know what happens when you're too nice  - guy or gal. Turnoff.**

As for the ladies. My gut feeling from the first show was Tenley. Odd name, great smile, but a total doll with that perfect tosseled hair and I don't think it matters she's divorced.

Elizabeth. Seriously. A NOTE? Dear anyone I know who is single or not and reading this. DO NOT write someone a note (someone you barely know especially) and read it OUT LOUD to them. Sure, giving someone a nicely written email, card, letter is nice, but not if you read it out loud! It's awkward! And for me, it kinda takes the meaning out of it. Like you're showing off or something.
Even worse if the damn note says you can't kiss me and then you spend then next hour asking him if he wants to kiss you. Terrible. Not hard to get, just a tease.

Ali. Oh, love Ali. She's blond, has freckles, looks great in yellow. Just down to earth and normal. My 'strategy' when I was on the show was to be myself. Now, I know that doesn't sound that hard, but do you notice how when most of the girls get five seconds to be with the Bachelor, they spend their time talking about how they are there for the right reasons? Wrong move! I tried to spend the time talking about my life, asking him questions, and just being normal. Like a normal date. She is like that. Normal. Love her.

Rozlyn. Gorgeous. Wow, so amazing to look at. How stunned did she look when Chris was trying to explain that by her 'entering into an inappropriate relationship' with a member of the crew was getting her kicked off? She did not make the conversation easy for him.  What I'll tell you is this: When we were on the show, we were told that if we even asked a member of the crew (camera, sound etc.) for the time, and they answered us, they would be fired. No interaction, period.

A male producer friend of mine also mentioned that he wasn't allowed to spend time with us girls in the residence because he was 'good looking' and they didn't want us falling for him. Whatever relationship she pulled off in the week span that she had only been there for could not have been easy.  And why?

Roz claims to Entertainment Tonight that this is a lie. That the show is using this 'storyline' for more drama. If it is, I feel sorry for ya sista, cause I'm sure those contracts you signed basically allow the show to make you look as terrible as they want and there is nothing you can do about it.  Ouch.

Crazy girl Michelle. Man, she's got the crazy eyes. She is good entertainment and my guess is she is around for two more shows. For some reason, he actually seems to like her hey? Or at least he hasn't noticed the crazy yet. I look forward to next week when the cat fights begin.


** The nice person syndrome is different if there actually is a connection there.  Then it's sweet and romantic and all that jazz. Otherwise, in my experience, it's a total turnoff.

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Erin said...

I love hearing your take since you have seen how things are run first hand. I think we all question...how real is this...really??? I think you need to do a weekly column;)