Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bachelor Break Take Three...

Sorry for the late post.. crying baby!! :)

Ali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Officially, Ali is dead to us.
What the heck! Okay... this is a little, no a lot overboard.  She is scaring me!  And why, why does she have to drag little sweet Tenley into her web of anger management? Honestly, I'm sure the girls are bored silly and it's just way to easy to focus one annoying person all day long,  (It's either that or sing Kumbaya with raccoons for the eighth time.) but she is totally ruining her shot with Jake.
In fact, if she has this 'heated conversation' with him she was telling Tenley about, then she's done for sure. Anyone else notice she is ALWAYS in yellow? Looks good on her for sure, but what happened to good old black every once in a while??

Does anyone feel sorry for Vienna? Admittedly, I don't like her nearly as much as I did last week. In fact, I may not really like her at all anymore. (her hair extensions look way better curled than straight no?) Jake may say he isn't being affected by what the girls say, but he is and so is she. She is acting different and is always on the defense. Although she hasn't been booted yet, the rest of the girls have ruined her shot with him, they did succeed.  It's too awkward now.  And she has this annoying creepy crush stare she tries to give him every time they are around each other. Trying to force a connection, or see if his is still there.
I just feel bad for her family who has to listen to every girl rag on her.**  It's gotta be tough and I bet Vienna has a whole Italian (is she even Italian?) gang of b*tches who will hunt these girls after the show is over and throw pasta sauce in their faces. In fact, I bet Vienna has the cast of Jersey Shore already on standby.
**( I know my friends were crawling through their skin listening to the radio stations and to all these crazy strangers from Edmonton talk about me... you aren't allowed to say a thing though, not till the show is over. One of the hardest things I've ever had to endure)

Ummm Ashleigh, great shoes (seriously great. Noted Gucci and Manolo by my girlfriends) but maybe you want to invest in a slightly longer pantssuit if you're going to be all up on Jake with your butt cheeks hanging out. She showed her entire hand last night and she still lost. Bad strategy with Mr. Morals.

Wow did Kathryn ever go serious bitch on him. Like they've been dating for years and he just picked his mom's side in an argument and left her to die slowly on her own or something.. Yikes! 'Big mistake'.. I think not.

Gia.  Okay, she really grew on me last night. She is so sweet and fun! Oh wait, I just remembered the hide and seek. What the hell! Could this show get any cheesier? I'm sure it will actually.. but the worst hide and seek playing field ever! They are really cute together. Gia and Tenley in the top two. If one of her lips doesn't explode when he is kissing her on the hometown date that is.

This is the problem for me: Every time Jake goes on a date alone with these girls, I think they are the perfect couple!  I don't think this has happened on other shows for me.  I'm still sticking with Tenley though, and here's why - Jake is still way too nice. He cries, he says he's proud of you, he lets crazies kiss him...  Ali, Gia, Corey.. they are all going to get bored once they've won. The cloud will lift and they will realize he is way too easy for them. Right now the whole competition factor still remains and this makes up for the fact that he is a total cheeseball.
Tenley is actually that sweet too! She is beautiful and I think she would really live happily ever after with him. He's stupid not to pick her.

Things that annoy me:
- Him riding that motorcycle everywhere.  I still can't believe he made Ali ride on the back of it in her short yellow bridesmaid dress
- Jessie's green eyeshadow
- Crying
- 'On the Wings of Love....' playing in the background of every scene!! Sorry if it's stuck in your head now.


* I'm distracted. Sorry. Pavel is sitting next to me and I'm trying to keep him entertained. I tried singing to him, but he laughs his ass off when I do. It's pretty cute, but probably doesn't boast well for me and a future career in musical theater.

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