Friday, January 1, 2010

He's Advanced.

Cool mom thing... or not so cool mom thing? My son rolled over three times on New Years Day. I'm quite proud and amazed of my seven week old!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moms and Dads unite, parents-to-be too. Judging me yet?

We've let Pavel use a soother since his first week home.
I said I wouldn't, but I do let him sleep in bed with us after his early morning feed.
I haven't lost all my pregnancy weight and I'm not on a diet. (Is that cellulite on my ARM?)

What about now?

I plan on breastfeeding until he's at least four years old....*
Okay, I don't actually, but I got you there, you have to admit.

Why do we become so judgmental when we become or are about to become parents? We all judge and we are all now being judged for something we know little about. A blind learning process with no gps system to guide us through. Maybe we are justified because no one can actually tell us with 100% certainty that what we are doing is wrong and what you are doing is right? (In 98% of cases anyway)

I will admit that I have been a judger of parents, long before I ever became one myself:

The Mini-Van. Gross. Yuck. Never Ever EVER. Say the word and I instantly smell stale, smooshed French Fries that are permanently engraved in the seats of your Mom Ride. Gross.

The Mom Haircut. As short as possible, shave it bald if you can. Make sure those bangs won't need to be trimmed for months.. a little shorter please.

Mom Jeans! Longest waist to crotch ratio available in denim, elastic waist, and pleats.
(click here for a preview)

I'll respond to my old self like this: Do you know just how much stuff you have to carry around for your baby who is constantly pulling your greasy long hair that hasn't been washed in nearly a week and smells like sweet smelling puke? The same smell you'll find actually on your only pair of jeans that will fit your long, jiggly, postpartum ass? A lot. And it would be really handy if when your hands are full of it all, you could simply press a button and the car doors would slide open so you can chuck everything inside before he starts crying again.

Somewhere over the course of my pregnancy, I became much more mellow with my opinions and my reaction to others. Maybe it's called maturity, but I happen to think it's Mother Nature's way of preparing you for what's ahead.

I really want to call up my friends and say 'He rolled over!! Three times! He's only seven weeks, can you believe it? Wow, he is just sooo advanced.'

I'm a proud mom, I can't help it and luckily I do have a certain group of people who will jump up and down with me in excitement and leave their judgment at the door. Thank goodness because I have a feeling the next few years will feel like we are living on a trampoline.


* Breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever had in my entire life. I can't imagine the last day I have that time with my son. For all of you who plan on breastfeeding your little one for years, or those of you who are still being breastfed by your mother, all the power to you. I wish I had the commitment and I can see the appeal.

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