Friday, January 1, 2010

Nap Time for Pavel... Maybe.

Cool mom thing...or not so cool mom thing?
I dropped one of my hot rollers in the toilet while frantically getting ready before the little one started crying again.... and still used it. *

I remember being pregnant and saying to myself (and honestly believing it) - 'Why do babies cry? I can't picture a baby crying all the time, I'm pretty sure my son isn't going to be one of those crying babies.' It really puzzled me for a major part of my pregnancy.

I also said - 'I don't understand why moms say I don't even have time to shower. I don't get it, how can you be so busy that you can't shower? I'm sure I'll be taking baths and relaxing as my ever so quiet baby coos in his bassinet for the fourth hour in a row.'

Did I mention I'm sitting here listening to the sound of a blow dryer on my ipod at full blast while I type this? At least he's not crying... for now.

It's been seven weeks since my son, Pavel was born. This weeks' adventure has been trying to get him to nap. I had an epiphany this week when I said to myself for the 56th time - 'wow, Pavel never sleeps during the day, no wonder he sleeps almost all night long..' as my mother and I took turns running laps around the kitchen island with Pavel trying to calm his screaming. Bouncing, swinging, singing, Christmas carols at full blast...

Maybe he's tired! I know I'm tired! People always say, sleep when the baby sleeps. Well, he never sleeps, now what?

When you are pregnant people (whether you know them well or not) love to tell you little tidbits of advice. Some are great, some come from love, some you'd hear often from the same people and would come with what my pregnancy hormones interpreted as a silent sneer 'haha haha. Lookout, you're in for it now!!'

'Oh well, you better get your sleep now!!'
'Oh just wait, life as you know it is over. Things are going to change!!'

(I will admit that although I didn't think babies would cry, I did realize the sleep factor)

One piece I did hear a few times and can profess the same to everyone I know is 'It may work today, but it will change tomorrow.'

Today Pavel is sleeping soundly with the blow dryer noise on full blast. If I turn it off or down, even for a second, he will wake up. This is day one of successful nap training. ( I won't tell you how many hours I've spent running back to him and sticking the soother back in his mouth or rocking the bassinet with my foot so I'd stay out of his eyesight. It wasn't until I forced myself to shower, with a crying baby, and blow dry my hair that I witnessed my baby ingest this magical sleep drug)

I feel pretty good right now, quite proud of myself. Let's see what tomorrow (or an hour from now) brings...

*sidebar. The water was clean, okay?

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Erin said...

Jenny, you are so funny! For Conor, it was the vacuum cleaner...we burned out two I'm sure! Then someone introduced me to the book Baby Wise and I too had to force the nap schedule. It works! Good luck!!!