Thursday, February 11, 2010

All the Things I love....

Cool mom thing... or not so cool mom thing?
I was standing at the stove cooking dinner the other night and felt something dripping on my toes. Instead of realizing there was water dripping off the counter onto my feet, I instinctively checked my boobs to see if they were leaking again.. 

When visiting family last week, I got a wake up call from my cousin Brit who is in her early 20's, hot, fashionable and livin life...
'I never want to have kids! Your blog scares me!!'

Well crap that's not what I've been intending to do, so today's blog is dedicated to her. Oh, that and it's Pavel's three month birthday, so I thought I'd list off all the wonderful things I love about this stage in my life.
Happy Birthday my Sweet!

Pregnancy. What an amazing gift to be able to experience this. Yes, there are ton of weird things that go along with it, but with the weird also come the good. For example:
- Not being able to lift heavy objects. A perfect time to sell your house and move
- The bump. I loved my bump!! It has to grow past the plump/bloated look so that it's obvious you are preggo though. In the beginning, I spent many days rubbing my 'bump' at the grocery store saying things out loud to myself like 'Oh, I feel sooo pregnant today' 'Wow, is this baby ever growing fast' 'Yup, pregnant, that's me with a baby in my belly', just so people knew I hadn't just eaten a ton of ice cream, spring rolls and hot dogs or something (I had done that too actually)
- The happy drug. My friends would tell me that they actually didn't want to hang out with me because I was so annoying I made them sick. From months 5-7 I was the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. I would walk around proclaiming to love everything from the baseball park, to the sun that was shining, how the grass smelt and the warm wind blowing by. I loved life. Why can't someone bottle that up and sell it??

I swore I would write things down during my pregnancy so I wouldn't forget all the little things. (I guess now is better than never) Things like Sheldon talking to Pavel in this creepy whisper for some reason, Pavs waking up in the morning to Sheldon's alarm clock like he was ready to start the day and how much he hated having anything rest on my belly. He kicked off my cell phone, he would kick my book, chocolates and even kicked one of his best friends Noah who was born a week before him when I rested him on the top of my tummy. He's had an attitude from the start. It's so neat to see that develop and how it changes everyday.

You forget things - We have already forgotten the witching hours of 7-11 at night where all he did was cry for the first month.  I spent a lot of nights having very long baths because it was the one place Sheldon wouldn't come tell me Pavel was hungry again. I've forgotten how much breast feeding hurt and honestly it is such an amazing thing now (don't give up in the first few weeks!! It doesn't even hurt anymore!). I have forgotten how it felt to be close to 200 pounds (not that close but within 30 pounds and that seemed close enough to me) and how it felt like my legs were going to rip right apart like a chicken bone..

The smiles and the laughs! Oh, can't forget the cuddles. I was so sad the first week he was born because I just didn't want him to grow out of this tiny cuddle phase, where he just rested on my chest and slept. My friends convinced me it got better as time went on and it's true. He smiles when he wakes up in the morning and when he gets changed. He actually was just laughing this cute little giggle in his sleep! He loves to cuddle his Mommy and he smiles at me when I've been away for a while. Honestly, I can't explain how good that feels!

  Imagine this. You have this little tiny person who thinks the world of you. To them, you are the most amazing, funny, loving, cool, and interesting person they have ever met. They don't know any better! It's so great it almost makes you never want to introduce them to anyone else ever.

You don't have to go to work everyday, you can sleep in (after you haven't slept all night), you can take them swimming and shopping - it's like you have a new best friend, you get introduced to all different types of music (Celtic Dreamland works like a charm), you read story books again... and the list could go on.

My final point I want to share and I'm sorry if it's total cheeseball. I had the best labor I could have wished for. Some women out there will hate me for sharing this, but I want you to know that this does happen, it does exist - four hours and five pushes. Of course I had the drugs, it was heaven! Sheldon and I had such a great time through the whole experience. It was such a beautiful day. I can still remember him sitting beside me holding my hands, asking questions, counting the contractions and of course the look on his face when Pavel made his way into this world at 225pm. Amazing. I can't wait to do it all over again...



** Ps! Six pounds to go :)) It's true what they say about eating breakfast...

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Kim said...

Great post! Happy 3 months to your cute little man!