Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bachelor Break... Take Five

It was the TSN turning point of this season:
He looked at her, took off his gloves, paused... took her face in his hands and kissed her. Slowly.

My thoughts on why and why he won't pick each girl today.

Gia.  I kind of found her date boring. The pictures were really cute. There is actually a photographer around all the time taking still photos of everything. I've always wondered what they did with those shots. I'd love to have a few...
Sorry, I digress. Do you notice how she is always hiding part of her face? Usually with that giant lion mane.  I think she is painfully insecure. We've discussed this before. I think this could be a turnoff.
Pro: She is beautiful. I don't know if he's had such a perfectly put together woman before - and by that I mean perfect(fake) body.  I think he is really physically attracted to her. She is sweet and he is a sucker for sweet and compassionate - goes well with all the crying he's always doing.
Con:Insecure. Not very deep - do you notice they don't really have too much to talk about? I think he would drown in NYC and I'm not sure I can see her moving to Texas.

Ali.  She was dead to me, she really was, but wow things changed. For sure he loves her. I loved their date! I thought the trip through Grandma's was so sweet. It really showed how sensitive she is, something that has been hidden lately with all the hate. The fact that she moved home and lived with her, took care of her when she was sick and was basically her nurse - that says a lot about a person's character.  I don't think I could do it. 
Pro: She's cute. She's real. She's sweet. They have real chemistry. They are like a normal couple. They look gooood together (does this matter?? I think so) She's gotten over the pettiness of Vienna and is focusing on him.
Con: Well, she left. Idiot! I think she is a bit controlling. I could totally see myself trying the same move she did - I'm going to leave unless you tell me I'm in the lead, give me a hint, I can't take this anymore. Too bad it backfired.  I'm not sure, but I don't think he can tell her where she is in the standings (I remember other Bachelors alluding to the same thing in previous seasons).  Wasn't is obvious though? He was trying everything he could without begging her to stay. 
I feel bad for her though. That's a tough call. It's a recession. There aren't a lot of marketing jobs in a good economy.  On the other hand, she passed up love, she passed up St. Lucia, and she passed up the 'possiblity' of being the next Bachelorette!  (I really have no idea, but they seem to be using ladies and guys from each season.. )At the end of the day they are both better off. And she'll be back... and hopefully he kicks her to the curb. 

Tenley. Well Tenley, the Bachelor was just handed to you. She may have had him anyway. They are a match made in heaven! I loved her boots. I wish it rained more here and that I walked more places so I could have them. Her dance. Okay, this was totally lame, but as my friend Scott proclaimed last night:
Jake equals vomit.  This is totally the kind of thing he'd like! And she did look gorgeous. Check out those calves!
Do you think Tenley's parents like her more than they like her sister??? I kinda do... The whole family is sweet, no surprise.  You could totally rag on her dad for crying and if this was last year, I think I would have.  However, I put myself in his shoes for a second and couldn't imagine if someone caused my little Pavs so much pain, I would cry too.. so would Pavel's dad.
Pro: They both rate very high on the vomit meter.  She would be with him forever. She is totally smitten and even if she accepted the ring and a month later decided she had changed her mind, I don't think she'd tell anyone. She would live with her decision for life.. and that is admirable. Plus have I mentioned how gorgeous she is? She is perfect, but not in a fake body kind of way.
Con: She is perfect!  Is she too perfect for Jakey? I thought maybe for a second I saw that thought flicker through his brain. I don't think they have as much natural chemistry as he and Ali had last night. I think they bring out the cheese in each other, every second it gets worse and worse... and worse. One dinner party I don't think I'd want an invite to.  Her ex. It's still pretty soon and I think that scares him, it should.  She seems pretty damaged. It didn't help that the whole family is almost equally damaged.
She's still my pick!

Vienna. Ugh. If there was a rose ceremony last night, she would have been offed for sure.  Her time has run out.  It's obvious he doesn't like her.  He's going through the motions.  I found it interesting that her dad proclaimed how she's always make him happy, the house would always be clean... hmm. Jerk! I know my dad would never say that about me!! (I hate cleaning)
Pros: I still think he's scared that she'll tell everyone that he cried before they bungee jumped and he's hoping a ring will shut her up.
Cons: I really think that above all other reasons you all hate her, she's young.  She is only a year younger than Ali in age, but about ten years in maturity.  Vienna needs more time to grow out of her princess stage and into her own.  And cut off those hideous extensions already!!!

Next week the overnight dates!  Will any of them even happen? I'm not sure if Jake would be okay with that. I really think he'll tell Ali to beat it when she calls.. go Jake go! Okay.. sorry, Pavs is screaming! Gotta run. Until next week!


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Kim said...

Great post! I like Tenley but the tone of her voice kind of annoys me. I was pulling for Ali, but the crazy girl left! I can't stand Vienna! And there's just something about Gia that I just don't like. Not sure what it is.