Monday, February 1, 2010

Bachelor Break... Take Four

The good news: The motorcycle is gone!!!!!

The bad news: They aren't playing 'On the Wings of Love!!!' quite as often.

Things are getting serious now. This is one Bachelor that I think may actually get married to the lady he picks - as long as he picks right.

Speaking of right... Tenley!
She is my absolute pick. She is the one. She is perfect for him. Beautiful, stylish, cool, not boring, equally as cheesy as Jake. If he doesn't pick her he's nuts. They will get married, on TV, rake in tons of dough from ABC. She'll wear Vera Wang, he'll wear Armani and they'll all live happily ever after.....
Well, we all know fairy tails are just that.. fairy tails. If there is one downfall to Tenley, it is that she may be annoyingly perfect. Too nice, too sweet, and not a lot of edge. I haven't decided if he needs that or not.
(Speculation: I have found that on the Bachelor seasons, they rarely make the chosen girl look bad throughout the show.  Tenley has said the odd bad thing about Vienna, but really she has come across pretty low on the hate radar)

Vienna.  I know you guys hate me for this, but I still don't not like her. I do not like her look - I hate her hair and eye shadow.  I hate that she decided to sneak downstairs to Jake's room and jump in bed with him. That's such an old school Bachelor move, someone does it in every season.  I have a feeling the bed crash wasn't her idea.  For most of the show I really felt like he wasn't digging her anymore. He has put up this huge wall and his body language has been terrible toward her.
But then he took her to his balcony and declared that he is opening his heart to her.  Crazy!
For the record, I don't think they are the best match, but I'm not hating on her like the majority of ya'll are.
It's weird. Normally the villain is someone I instantly have hate for, but in this case the girls have been so awful to her, I feel bad for her!

Gia. Wow. He loooooves her. No really, I actually think he may love her. They have known each other for about three weeks now, why not? How sweet was it when she asked him if it was alright to fall and he said it was alright to fall. That was some serious sparks.  I had goosebumps.
Here's the thing. If you're in to plastic, she is damn sexy. She's got a great body, great wardrobe, and this killer sexy stare. Jake mentioned that he found her insecure - well obviously. Who gets the Heidi Montag treatment and can honestly say they aren't insecure?
I don't think she's a keeper. I think she'd leave him.

Ali. Did Ali mature by ten or fifteen years before her date with Jake?  I'm proud of her for letting it go, even if she only did it when confronted by Jakey. What a great opportunity for her to take him around her neighborhood. That would have been neat. They seem to have a ton of chemistry, but they are not right for each other - let's be honest. He is too nice for her, I've said it before.. they'd be over within two months of the final show.

It was quite obvious throughout the entire show who he'd let go. There hasn't been any real interaction between him and Corey. Their date was boring and the whole kiss thing was awkward.
As for her crying when she left - listen, I've been there and unless you've been there, you can't judge. It's an intense situation to live in, even for a few weeks. I can remember my ears actually rang for a week after I left the show and was thrown back into real life. There is even a psychologist who calls you a few days after you get home to make sure you are mentally okay.  I'll admit, I needed it! Just to make sure the whole ear ringing thing was normal. Plus, it's such an ego killer, especially when you're the only one to go home.

Next week.. home town dates! I'm pretty sure I saw Gia's mane in one of the shots of him having his heart broken.. poor Jakey.


WAIT! Ugh, I think I must be becoming immune to Jake's cheese. I wrote this whole blog without even mentioning him admitting to having dirty thoughts about Vienna.
I have no words.

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