Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bachelor Break.. Take Seven

The women tell all... I'll admit. I'm not a fan of watching this episode usually, so today's post will be short!**

Roz. Such a liar. Her points were so bogus and obviously thought up by her and this producer. There are not hidden cameras and you are not filmed 24 hours a day.  You could be in the same room as camera people folding your laundry and not be filmed. They tend to know what they are looking for (Like Chris pointed out) and unless they need some filler shots, they won't be filming the mundane. Our Brownstone was small. It was two levels, but there wasn't a lot of space to run and hideaway with someone. (although, one of the producers did sneak me his cell phone so I could call my dad on his 60th birthday, exactly five years ago this past Sunday!)  In a mansion, you could totally make that work.
She is gorgeous, but seriously I think she may be the devil. I was all of a sudden was cold watching her and listening to her talk to Chris.  Oh and by the way, I've heard that Chris is an amazing guy and so is his wife. (I spent maybe twenty mins with the guy outside of the Rose Ceremony. He doesn't come around at all, so I couldn't tell you first hand. Except that he was nice.) Grasping at straws comes to mind.

Gia, she looked sweet. Ali did too. I wonder if whoever Jake picked will be pissed at the obvious feelings he still has for her.  He's not very smooth when it comes to relationships. ie. Asking every girl's dad for their hand in marriage, asking ring sizes, talking about who he would have liked to get to know more, and going on and on and on.. jeesh.  (Jeesh? Am I turning into the female version of Jake? Is my heart growing wings for someone as I type this...?)

Have you guys been reading all the US Weekly coverage of this season? Poor Vienna. Well, maybe not. It seems she has brought all the attention on herself. I think I would tend to feel worse for Jake, if he picked her that is.  This is the problem with growing a relationship in a bubble like the show.  You don't get to see how someone lives their everyday life (I'm seeing a very messy bedroom for V with old cereal bowls and hair extensions lying around) and that could be a turn off.  You don't get to meet their friends and 'hear' things about them from other people.  Maybe then Jake would have heard about her stealing from her husband (who was fighting the war in Iraq) so she could get her boobs done and her mom a tummy tuck? Or that she was a topless dancer. Or that she still lives at home with her creepy dad - oh wait, he knows this.
Nothing too bad has come out about Tenley except that she apparently wouldn't let her husband see his family.  Boooooring.

Next week is the big finale! I'm hoping that I get knocked off my socks with who he picks. I hope it's the biggest shock in all of Bachelor history. I have a feeling we may be let down. (Did anyone else notice that Chris never did ask Jake if he was engaged? I hate it when they do that!)

Have a great week!


** In my season, a few of us spent some time together around the WTA.  We went shopping and went out for dinner. We really just got on each other's nerves. I don't think we have ever seen each other since. The WTA was actually really fun.  They did a whole spoof of me against the other girl from Edmonton. I was drunk in every clip making fun of her.  Felt kinda bad when I was there.. but it sure is funny (and cringe worthy) to watch now!
I was so mad at them for making me look like an idiot during the season that I insisted to them that I wouldn't say a peep during the WTA. They asked me what I'd like to say to America, to my 'fans' and I said ' F*ck you ABC, and F*ck you America' (It was all that Kettle One and Red Bull, it makes me crazy!). And of course, by the time the show started taping, I was all over the cameras, they couldn't shut me up.  When will I ever learn. Jeesh.

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