Monday, February 15, 2010

Bachelor Break... Take SIX!

On the wings of love......  Holy Crap! I don't know if I've ever been that shocked from an episode of The Bachelor ever! Totally blindsided.

I also don't think I have ever been so absolutely confused watching this show. He says he loves all the girls and I think he actually does! From watching this episode, I have no idea who he was going to send home.  My guess was Vienna, finally.

Poor Gia. I really thought he loved her. Well he did, but I thought she was a shoe-in for the final two. I'm not sure how much more of her face she can hide with that hair out of insecurity, but I'm thinking now she might as well just go and wear a face mask.  This may be the first season that I actually think this whole process is really cruel.  He treats all the women like he loves them and that is some serious misleading on his part, even if it is true.  I guess that's why other Bachelor's choose not to share their feelings till the last girl or pick girls to be in the final four that they just want to 'do it' with and then they don't have any actual real feelings to share.

My guess with Gia is this. I think she makes him a little insecure. Mr. Dateless has stated numerous times that he hasn't been with such a beautiful woman before. Look wise, he feels she is out of his league.  He may be all sweet and sincere, but I think he plays life pretty traditionally and isn't comfortable not having the upper hand in every aspect of a relationship.  He wants to be the man and marry his lady. Does that make sense?

Sidebar: Sweet reggae moves! It kind of just looked like he got a little dizzy from too much coconut milk. I liked that knit bag she was carrying.. and her shirt.

Oh Tenley. You're too perfect, too easy, too... flat chested? I personally think she is gorgeous. I love her body, style, hair.. I've said it all before. But the other two girls, they have giant tatas and he seems to be so attracted to them. I'm not feeling any sexual chemistry between these two and with the sneak peak of the finale, it confirmed Jake feels the same way. (Does he tell her this or something? Jeez.. how do you have that conversation)
Nonetheless, he has kept Tenley around and this is my suspicion why - He knows he should pick her. He knows she is the right choice, the safe choice, that she would be with him for life. They would dance into the sunset for the next 79 years together, she'll feed him oatmeal through a straw and he'll brush her hair every night before bed.. Sounds boring to me and I'm thinking it sounds kinda boring to him.  Their courtship seems so mechanical. I don't see a spark... which leads me to my next point...

Ali, you idiot! First I'll high five Jake for not letting her come back. I agree with him, he would just be confusing things. Besides, too much time has gone by and he is now in love with the other three (...a week??) Anyway, I'm sure Ali is heartbroken, but I also think that her plea to come back is her move at trying to become the next Bachelorette. I don't know.. maybe if she wouldn't have been such a biatch for the first four episodes, maybe. And what a burn it will be if she left early and she could have had Jake.. but now he's going to pick her rival instead. Ouch.

Vienna. I don't see it. Come on Jake! Seriously! Okay, she's fun. She does make him laugh. She does have fake ones, not too big. She does want to have babies and be a 'wife', but she is the wrong choice.
Don't get me wrong, I bet they would get married because V would think it's cool, but I don't see them spoon feeding each other into their 90's like Jakey is looking for. I wonder what his family is going to think of her? What's up with the ring talk?

Anyway, I'm annoyed. I'm annoyed because I think he's going to make the wrong choice.

Next week, the Women Tell All. Another day for all the girls to get bombed and attack each other. I know I had never had so much Kettle One and Redbull before noon and it made for great tv.

Bring on the crazy chick!


PS. A beach and a bikini in less than one month. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Does sunscreen hide stretch marks?

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