Monday, March 1, 2010

On the Wings of LOVE!

I think I need a shower.

I will admit that I had read and from his spoilers knew the outcome for tonight.  I had seriously hoped that somehow he had got it all wrong.

Poor Tenley. I balled. I'll admit it. Yes she's too sweet, too perfect, and not everyone thinks she's as gorgeous as I do, but I felt awful for her.  We all have to stop watching this show. Seriously! It's not very nice (sorry, for some reason I can not for the life of me think of another word to describe how I feel about this... I think I have grown a part of Tenley's spirit in my heart).

She is a sweetheart. His family loved her. It was sweet to see how much Jake's family love each other. Yes I puked in my mouth a little when Jake suggested they move the table and all group hug for a while, but let's be honest, we're used to this by now.

Remember when Jake and his mom were describing what seemed like some big deep, dark secret he should be ashamed of? He sounded like he should feel guilty or be punished or something?
'Just tell her Jake. I think the best thing you can do is just let her know that you like to be goofy and a little rough sometimes..'
Thanks Jake and your mom. Good thing you got that off your chests.

I think he really tried to fall completely for Tenley, but couldn't.

Goodbye St. Lucia sun. Sigh.

I'm disappointed with the proposal. I sat there with a disgusted look on my face the whole time. It was short, and boring, and anticlimactic. Or maybe I'm just pissed.

Warning bells should have been ringing in his ears all season.. like when he had to defend her to... well everyone he's ever met. Or how about when he asked her how it felt to be married for THREE WEEKS. What about when he professed how amazing the moment was for him, how it was his first time being engaged and he wanted it to be perfect. Was he not thinking - damn, this is your THIRD engagement?

Officially, I'm over it. He loves Vienna. She's his babygirl. Truly they love each other - can we really sit here and pick them apart over it? (She did look different at the Final Rose non? Like not good different...)

I'm happy that he's found someone and that she has had her dream come true. I'm happy we don't have to listen to his cheese anymore. I'm happy that we don't have to continue to try and rip those disgustingly cheap hair extensions off her head through the tv anymore. (PS. If you want amazing hair extensions have the BEST!) I'm happy that they danced and made out to Jeffery Osborne belt it out - how long until the Black Eyed Peas or someone remake this song?
I'm kind of glad it's over. We hope you live happily ever after Jake and Vienna.

It's been fun. Thanks for reading. And for everyone who's been a part of this one, good night.

Normal blogging resumes tomorrow!!!! So much to share about Pavel!


Ps. Jake on Dancing With the Stars??? Thank the good lord I have never been a fan of that show.
PPs. How gorgeous is St. Lucia!
PPPs. Chris Harrison has a blog. If you like the behind the scenes stuff.. check out what he writes every week!

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Kim said...

I knew deep down that he was going to choose Vienna but I watched it anyways. I too thought that she looked different at the ATFR show. I just couldn't place what it was that was different. I honestly don't think they will last. So Ali leaves the Bachelor because she'll lose her job yet she can take time off for the Bachelorette? Makes no sense!