Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane....

Cool mom thing.. or not so cool mom thing... Having a baby hasn't stopped me from doing all the things I enjoy in life.

We had our first family vacation! Traveling with a baby. Ugh. Okay, not as bad as I had imagined, but still not easy. All sorts of things to think about like:
1)Where will I put the dirty diapers in the hotel room? 2) How do I get through security with all the crap we'll be carrying? 3) No sunscreen and no sun for the baby? For real? 4) How do I manage to get myself a tan then? 5) I'm still breastfeeding every few hours, so when do I get to drink on this vacation? 6) Bedtime is not really at 7:30pm for all three of us is it? 7)We are not really getting up at 6am on vacation are we? 8)What do you do when your baby gets sick for the first time and you're in a different country?? Thank goodness for Google! 9)Where exactly do you do laundry when your baby dirties every extra sleeper you packed... like, all up the back? 10) How much do we tip the maid for taking those diapers daily for us?

Ever since I have had Pavel, I'd been scared of traveling. It was so much work  just to get out of the house.  The idea of a major trip almost gave me an anxiety attack just thinking about it. My strategy to actually get somewhere then, was to pretend like everything would be exactly like it was before I had a baby. Basically, live in denial.

It worked, I booked our tickets, got our passports, and made Sheldon take time off of work.

I should have known I was in for a treat when Sheldon convinced me that Pavel and I should share a suitcase.
Yup, Pavel and I shared ONE suitcase. Now normally, I pack a giant suitcase for myself for a week. Tons of shoes, outfits for all weather, occasions, dinners, sun tanning days... you know, normal girl stuff.
And then everything I needed for Pavs.. well, I wasn't sure how this would be possible, but somehow I made it work.

(I know it's blurry, but you get the point. Please note that to the left on the floor, those are Pavel's diapers. Yup, I left them behind. Smrt Mommy.. but I needed the room!)

Pavel loved the plane. Here's a great tip, bring your breastfeeding pillow. It's a pain in the @ss to carry through the airport, but he easily could eat, sleep and hangout on it while we flew and the engine noise kept him happy the whole way. He actually slept for 2/3 of the four hour flight there and back.

A few nights into our vacation, I think I was still living in denial, and this is what finally snapped me out of it. Here it goes:

I had told Sheldon that my special day on the vacation had to include a trip in to San Lucas (we were in San Jose) to go to Nicksan. The best sushi EVER. It wasn't a cheap excursion, as the taxi ride alone was 80 USD, but of course Sheldon said I could do whatever I wanted.
I'm not sure if you've been to Nicksan before, but it is an amazing restaurant, and not just for Mexico standards and it's not cheap. During New Years, it is packed with celebrities, and reservations are a must, even on a Wednesday night.
Still, for some reason, I think to myself that it's perfectly okay to bring a four month baby here, because we're going to go early, at six. We'll eat fast, be in and out before anyone even notices us. 

Pavel in the meantime hasn't been going to the bathroom for a while. For almost a week actually, and naturally, Mommy is worried. So the day before, I give him some medicine to help him go to the bathroom a little easier.

It hadn't kicked in yet... until we get to Nicksan.

I'll spare you the specific details, but I will paint you this picture.. There I was, about to enjoy my long fantasized Tuna Tostada, big smile on my face, salivating, holding Pavs in one arm and reaching for the plate... when I feel something soaking my arm.. and onto my jeans.
Let me just remind you that this is a restaurant where CELEBRITIES frequent. Just this past Christmas, Leonardo DiCaprio was five feet away giving one of my girls the eyes and if Bar hadn't been sitting next to him... well, he would have totally tried to pick her up.. we know it. (For the record, she would have turned him away)

(Here's Pavel laughing it up at Nicksan... I feel much better Mama!) 

 I spent 30 minutes in the bathroom of Nicksan scrubbing Pavel down. There is no change table, this is not a baby friendly place. Imagine me trying to hide dirty wipes, a dirty diaper, a very dirty kid and act very casual as people are coming into the nice, two stall washroom to do their had been A WEEK!

Reality. It had been knocking on my door, and it finally kicked it down.

This post is getting LONG.... to be continued.. next up, waking up every two hours with a sick baby on 'vacation'!

Pavel and I out for our morning walks. This wrap was perfect. We'd stick a hat on him and he would fall asleep after a while. He was completely covered, and since there was a strong breeze, we could walk on the beach for hours, without him ever getting hot.

I managed to get a tiny tan. Every morning Pavel and I would grab some pool loungers, with at least one with umbrella access.  I also bought him this little travel canopy bed that folds up. It has UV protection, so he would play, nap, and hangout with us while we enjoyed the sun! And yes that is my iPhone with the life saving white noise app playing!