Monday, May 10, 2010

On the Quest for a Laugh..

Cool mom thing... or not so cool mom thing... I was walking through Walmart the other day with Pavel in his stroller. I was reading the back of a book and said to him, without turning my head 'Wow Pavel, mommy sure smells like your puke. Yummy!'
I hear laughter. An obviously childless women is walking by me.
Oh, you just wait lady.. you just wait.

Pavel is a happy baby. He's non stop smiles, he babbles to himself when he thinks no one else is listening, and he's got the sweetest little laugh. I'm not sure if there is anything sweeter than a baby's laugh actually. It brings tears to my proud mommy eyes.

There's only one problem - he doesn't think I am funny.

He laughs, and I mean heartfelt guffawing for his Auntie Schoena.
Nannie is very good at tickling his ribs and getting those giggles.
Even his rubber ducky in the bath gets him going.

I'm feeling a little insecure.. like my whole life has been a fraud - If I'm not funny. What am I?

He's not even mildly amused by his mommy. I can count the number of times on one hand that I've gotten giggles from him, and that may just be a partial buzz from the bottle of wine we just shared.

Okay, bad joke. Of course I haven't given him wine. My point is.. .I've tried many MANY things to find that one constant something that will get the laugh every time.

He seems to like when I sing. I sing a lot. I actually sing what I talk. I'm not sure why, I just do. Even before he was born, I would make up songs and sing them to my belly. I sing those same songs now, and he seems impressed, but not overly amused. So, I've started adding animal noises. That's funny right?
Here's my attempt.
'Old MacDonald had a farm, Ee i ee i oh!
and on that farm he had a chicken.. Ee i ee i oh!
With a ..... With a.... um... (inside head - what the hell noise to chickens make again?? Quick he's losing focus!!)
Old MacDonald had a farm, Ee i ee i oh!
and on that farm he had a goat... Ee i ee i oh!'


Goat!? What the hell noise does a goat make? Seriously, who made this song so hard?

Game over. He's bored.

Peek-A-Boo. Babies like peek-a-boo, Pavel really likes it. It started with just light blankie covering his eyes and then pulling it off really fast and saying.. "There he is!!"
I'm creative, so I turn up the juice a bit. He's in the tub, I get on my hands and knees outside of the tub and say... "Where's Pavel, anyone see Pavel.. There he is!!!"
Big Smile.

I'll walk through an open door when I see one.

He's in the bumboo on the counter eating yummy green beans and rice cereal. In between mouthfuls, I crouch all the way to the ground and say 'Pavel, Pavel, where did Mommy go? Where's Mommy??" Then I jump up and surprise him!
Nothing, but a shocked face. I think I scared him.
More enthusiasm... no problem. I was a cheerleader growing up, you may not agree that it's a sport (Becky), but you can't argue my peppiness... and high pitched voice when I need it.
So I try it again. And again... I'm starting to get light headed now. I take a break and hold onto the counter for a minute while he gets a reload of green beans.

"Where did Mommy go.. where's Mommy.. HERE SHE IS!!!!!!!!!"
I jump up really high with a giant grin on my face and BOOM -

Pavel spits green beans all over me. Hmmm.

I've tried fake sneezing, I've tried chasing him with his stuffed rhino, Rodney, I've tried sticking out my tongue (he's really good at sticking his tongue out a me now.. great), I've tried changing up my laugh and adding a snort (actually, I often snort when I laugh, so It's not really new).

He doesn't like my jazz hands when I dance, he doesn't think it's funny when I tickle his ribs like Nannie, not even my go to story about the Cold FX lady and how she made all her money gets him going..


Pavel, laugh for Mommy, okay? Even if you fake it to make me happy, that's what good sons do.

Thank you in advance,


Pavel is six months old in less than 24 hours. Where the heck did the time go? Here are some recent Pavelisms!

- He started sitting up without help at five months. He's pretty good 90% of the time now, unless he's wearing Nike high tops and while he's trying to grab the laces, he loses balance and he kicks himself over
- He finally will roll over. Just in the last three weeks. He did it for a while back in January, but stopped. Now I can't keep him on his tummy.
- He'll stand holding onto something, but not for too long.
- He likes to climb up me if I have him laying on my tummy.. bum in the air.
- His version of crawling - face planted firmly on the ground, arms by his side, legs kicking and bum straight up.. moving ever so slowly.
- Two teeth! Ouch is all Mommy has to say
- We started solid food two weeks ago! Peas were the first.. um, not so good on the tummy. Squash and green beans have been much better. He has his mouth wide open waiting for every bite.

                                    From this.......                          ..... to this.....
                                              Happy 1/2 Birthday Sweet Prince! xo

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