Sunday, August 15, 2010

Have you ever noticed....

Cool mom thing... or not so cool mom thing.. It's Sunday morning. Pavel and I just ran to get a quick coffee, like before 8am. Decided on an impromptu grocery shopping trip in our PJ's. Dirty face, teeth weren't freshly cleaned, didn't have my phone on me... and gasp! Pavel wasn't wearing any of his dad approved sneakers! Even worse.. he was wearing an ugly brown sleeper! How embarrassing! (If you're Pavel's dad that is....hehe)

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to escape something that you know might be a little ridiculous and immature, but you are going to do it anyway?

I've made no secret to the fact that I am getting a little tired of all the construction that is happening in my front yard, literally. It's the joys of living in a new area, I understand that, but today I just couldn't handle it anymore. It's non stop noise, people all around, DUST, oh the dust, mud, disrespect, no parking spots..
So the house next to us is nearly finished (new neighbors have a pit bull. Grrrrrrreat.) The guy driving the bulldozer decided to clean up the yard and just push a bunch of crap onto our property instead of taking it and trashing it.
I get out of my car, roughly about 45 mins ago, look at my yard that I've been staring at for the last week and snap.
I pick up a huge piece of plywood with nails sticking all through it  and toss it into the new house's yard, where it came from - 'This is for using my water without asking' I speak, not yell, but in a tone and loudly enough that it's more than just a conversation I'm having with myself.
'This is for my huge electricity bill so that you could build the foundation!' A chunk of concrete goes flying
'This is for driving your bobcat over my driveway right after I've washed it!' More plywood, more nails
'THIS is for wrecking so much of our stuff and never saying sorry!' I'm getting a little more animated now, nothing crazy, but I find that I'm enjoying myself.
'And this, well this is for the day you rang the door bell repeatedly in the early am, TOLD me to move my car, woke up my son from his nap and then called me Bright Eyes! Gross!'

Ah. Looking good, feeling good, take a look across the street for the first time.
Neighbors. On their porch. Drinking coffee. Enjoying the show.
'Just had myself a little moment..' I spit out.
'I see that, looks like it was a long time coming....' New lady neighbor says, agreeing.

I've always been really good at first impressions.

Have you ever noticed that you get a little help every once in a while, but your not sure who from?

So last blog I posted about a tiff my hubby and I were having. It was more than a tiff actually. We aren't good at fighting, as it happens so rarely and we aren't always the best communicators.
Funny thing is, he came home later that day from work and flipped open the computer. The blog post happened to be up. I don't think he's ever read my blog. He read that post.
Oh. Crap. Here comes round two, I thought.
He looked at me and said, 'That was really well written.'
Things have changed since he read that post. I think it may have jogged his memory and he remembered who I was before the babe arrived. Good... very good.

Have you noticed that if you look really hard for an answer, sometimes it appears?

Oh the drama of deciding to go back to work or not. It was consuming me! I don't have a job to go back to, so I started searching and applying last month.
Low and behold, I was offered a job. A great job, three days a week, decent pay, totally interested in what I'd be doing... Scared the crap out of me.
And then it was painlessly obvious. I wasn't ready yet. Nope, not yet. And then I decided I'd be ready in the New Year. And I'm at peace with that.
I am totally at peace. I'm actually looking forward to getting back to a job and making money, learning, achieving. Until I was offered that job, I was terribly sad of life moving on. Leaving my little Pavel with someone during the day.. heart breaking. This past year has been the biggest year of my life, and it's coming to an end. I'm not sad anymore. I'm excited.

Thank you Universe.

Have you ever noticed that as annoying as cliches are, life might just be one big cliche?

So my dad is getting married in a few weeks. Fourth wife. It's a story.. my family, that is. I love telling the story of my family. We are unique, that's for sure.
Anyway, I am so happy for my dad. He finally got it right.
My dad has worked in the oil field for more than 50 years. He and his little lady are rednecks and they are proud of it. His wife to be is from a small town. Here is how I describe her, when people ask. (*She would not be insulted, she totally gets a kick out of this)
Val, she is petite. Tiny, but ripped. She takes care of the cows, donkeys and horses. She doesn't wear makeup,except for black eyeliner. She has really, REALLY naturally curly hair, like tight curls, as if she were African American. My dad loves it when she cuts it really short and slicks back the curls on the side. She has a collection of those shirts, you know the ones with the wolves howling at the moon, they say 'Banff, Alberta' on the top hand corner. Val, she's a tough one. When she gets going, every second word is p*ssy and c*nt (yup, I just typed that).
And she loves to speak in cliches.
Did I mention she makes the most amazing homemade pickles? Yum

I love them together. They are absolutely perfect for each other and she for our family. Four times a charm... isn't that what they say?

The cliche that I keep repeating on this blog - It's crazy how time flies when you have kids.
Pavel, he's got 5.5 teeth
He is cruising around the furniture
He's scooting everywhere to get what he wants
He loves walking, he wants to do it all the time, but he doesn't want mommy's help. Takes my hands off him and then falls.. I catch him, don't worry
Like his dad, he loves playing pass. He has been passing us the ball for more than a month now
He claps
He talks, non stop
He is so, so, so much fun. I miss him so much when I'm not with him. I'm loving watching him grow!

Happy 9 months, little/biggie one!

xo Mommy

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