Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Funny Story..

Everyone's been pocket dialed right? How long do you stick your ear as tightly to the phone as possible to try and make out some juicy gossip?

I'll usually give it at least a minute.

This one Thursday night at about 11:30pm, my phone rings. I take a look at it, thinking there must be an emergency (my late night, drunk dialing friends all seemed to have grown out of that habit... 11:30pm is late right?)

It's this guy I used to work with.

'Well, that's odd I.' I say to myself, and Sheldon who is looking over my shoulder now.

I pick up the phone.

'Hello...?' Pause. 'Hellllloooooo?' I can hear music in the background pretty clearly. One more time I say, realizing now he has most likely pocket dialed me, 'Helllllooo!!!'

So naturally, I listen to see if I can hear anything good... Nothing, the music is drowning out the conversation.

The song however is familiar.

Turns out him and his wife are on a little road trip, his phone is in her purse and she dials me by accident..

What is playing you ask?

'I've Been Thinking About You' Londonbeat.

In case you need a refresher on the lyrics:

I've been thinking about you
I've been thinking about you
I've been thinking about you
I've been thinking about you, shi-pow-pow!

Now that I think about it, it had been a while since we had spoken. 


** A new feature addition to my blog. A Funny Story. I have a few and I figure, I might as well share them so they can become urban legends one day or something when I'm long gone.. hope you enjoy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

'No' Translates to What, Exactly in Baby Talk... ?

Cool mom thing... or not so cool mom thing... I'm planning Pavel's first birthday party - 45 days in advance.. whoa, 45 days and he's going to be ONE!?! For real? In 45 days, he'll have been in my life, in my arms 'this time last year', 45 days away and he'll be dating, at the NHL draft or studying ballet in NYC, getting married, and totally not in love with Mommy anymore.

Party Canceled.

Clip clop. Clip clop. Clip clop. Clip Clop.

I left Pavel in the living room at the foot of the couch as I ran upstairs to grab my phone charger. We just got home, so he still had a pair of his fancy dad approved sneakers on.

Clip clop. Clip clop.

I run downstairs as fast as I can... 'Uh oh, NO! Pavel, don't move!'

He's so very proudly walked himself through the kitchen to the bottom of the stairs and today he decided he'd climb them!

Every day, all day, every fourth or fifth word. NO!

Pavel, no. Pavel, mommy said no. Pavel, listen to mommy please.

Pavel! (Said in a really deep voice, like dad's.. who he listens to, of course)

I think that we have been lucky, because Pavel didn't learn how to crawl until he was nine months old. I had nine months of being able to put him down and walk away or enjoy my coffee or talk on the phone.

Two weeks later, he started walking. A few steps at a time at first. Wow, did we ever cheer, clap, 'yeah Pavel!!!' all day long. That may have been a mistake.

Now he's so proud of himself, he's started walking around all alone, with a giant 'Look at me!' smile. Doesn't matter if there isn't anyone there to see it.

To be honest, I'm so happy he's started walking. I know it's going to be an inconvenience for us and our lazy, relaxing time, but I love how he's growing up and how happy it makes him.
On the other hand, I've had experienced friends who have tried to warn me not to teach him to walk because he'll learn in due time. That may not have been bad advice.

Every single wire in the house, Pavel will find and chew. Have you ever noticed how many cords you have in your home? Too many.

The first thing Pavel does every morning is get his butt over to the TV stand in our room and turn the Play Station on. Loves to see that light go from red to green. I actually don't mind this, but when he sees the modem hiding behind it, he loves to pick it up and smash it over and over again on the glass stand.

I was getting ready the other morning in our ensuite. I set Pavel down at the foot of the bed with some toys. Probably about 7 seconds later I hear a tinfoil noise.
'Oh great, what is he eating now?' I say. 'Pavel, look at mommy please'
He's on his tippy toes at dad's night table drinking a pop.

Pavel loves jewelry. At our workout classes, he will ditch me and go hang out with his favorite lady friend (and instructor), Andrea. She's got a great big fancy necklace she wears and he always goes for that first. Then he'll go for watches. And then earrings. I'm hoping he's mentally keeping note of future Christmas gifts for mom.

I'm saying NO all the time. I hate saying no. I hate that already, he listens to daddy way better than me. Today he actually looked at me and smiled as he was trying to pull the metal side table over.  Yes the one with the heavy coffee table books on it. Same thing he did yesterday.
(we have done some child proofing, but no, we haven't changed our entire house... yet)

Don't even get me started on how hard diaper changes, brushing teeth, and the bed time routine has become. I'm literally sweating by the end of it.

Do any of you guys have some ideas for me on how I can say NO, other than saying N.O. - NO?

And if he's already smiling at me while doing something he's not supposed to be doing, what will happen when he's making big decisions, like homework, kissing, alcohol and drugs?

I was chatting with my life coach when I first became pregnant. I asked her how to be a good parent.
'What makes the difference between the parents whose children leave home early, do drugs, drop out of school, rebel... and those whose children excel, are focused, who tell their mom how pretty she is and that they love her Every. Single. Day. ?'

Her response:
'Oh, don't worry, you'll be fine. I'm sure you'll figure it out'

Translation: no idea.


Please. I'm asking for advice! Let me know what works and what doesn't!

Thanks in advance.


PS. Yes, I know he's still a baby... and yes, I realize it would be a miracle at this age if he actually listened to me!

PPS. We found him a great day home. He's been going the odd time when mommy has some things she must take care of Pavel free and Nannie isn't available to come give him some snuggles. We LOVE it there!! Ceyda and Nadia.. thank you so much for putting my mommy guilt at ease!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Feel Sad Today...

Cool mom thing... or not so cool mom thing...
Went on a road trip, just Pavel and I. Had to stop to pee...
How exactly do you go to the washroom on a road trip with a baby!? I'll tell you how.
You don't leave him in the car or hand him off to a stranger. Oh, and a tip, don't wear button fly jeans.
I held him. He was fascinated by the flushing noise, and didn't even seem to notice I left the washroom with my pants fully undone.

Friday nights sure aren't what they used to be. I remember when Friday nights used to signal the end of the week, relaxation, a drink maybe. Now, well the days all blend into one. There really isn't any difference in my Friday, except for a few TV shows I wait all week to see. Doesn't that sound pathetic? I'm writing this blog post because I feel sad tonight, a little lost, but I refuse to sound pathetic!

My favorite part about Friday nights now, are Saturday and Sunday mornings! I love family mornings. We snuggle in bed together and we go on family walks. No tv, no facebook or twitter, I'd like to say no phones, but let's be realistic here. It's our chance to catch up from the week, laugh with our son together, and dream about the future.

I recently just read a blog of a lovely lady I kind of know who dedicated a post to her husband. What a great idea. I'm going to tell you about mine coming up, but first I want to share with you an idea that her and her husband have implemented in their lives.

They have a couples mission statement. I love this idea!

In business, a mission statement is a necessity. It helps guide the actions of the organization, helps define what the overall goals are and provides a sense of direction. It's something you can always flip back to, to ensure you're still on the right page. A mission statement doesn't have to be set in stone, it can absolutely change as the years go on.

So why don't we use this in our lives? Okay, let me be more specific because you smart people who are reading this probably do use something along these lines in your life:
So why don't WE use this in our life?

Do you ever wish you went to school to become a doctor or lawyer or plumber or hearing aid technician?
What I mean is, do you ever wish you went to school to become a specific something, so that when you finished you'd know who you are in life and what you are supposed to accomplish?

Don't we all wish (even the doctors, lawyers, plumbers and HAT's) that it was so simple.

This is one thing I love about my husband. He has a very demanding career. Lots of pressure, lots of travel, a lot of hours, and a lot of satisfaction. I like to check in with him every so often to see if he's hanging in there.
Me: 'Hunny, are you tired? Are you getting burnt out? Is there anything I can do.. maybe you should slow down a bit?'
Him: 'No, I'm fine. I actually couldn't be happier. I was born to do this.'

I was born to do this.

I have to admit that I'm a tad jealous of this. Maybe jealous isn't the right word, I'm not sure what is.. but could you imagine if you woke up everyday and knew with absolute certainty, that this is what you are supposed to be doing?

My husband has this knack for not caring what people think. Now, I know your'e reading this and thinking, 'ya sure, we all say we don't care, but we do...'

No really, he doesn't care. Let me put it another way. I make emotional decisions, he makes decisions without emotions. He does what's best for him and the people he loves, period.

Think about that for a second. How many times have you said to yourself something like this: 'Oh, well I can't ________ because so and so will be annoyed/mad/furious/hurt, so I'll do ______ instead and I won't ruffle any feathers.'

Both ways of deciding have their pros and cons for sure, but there must be something to always putting yourself FIRST.

My husband motivates and inspires me. He is so smart, so ambitious, he understands things that take me much longer to grasp. I love talking through ideas and plans with him.
*Sidebar: I love to plan. Too much actually. My life coach said to me once 'Jenny, it's great to make things happen for yourself in life, but at some point, you just need to let life happen.'*

I'm sure this incessant need to plan life is the one thing that is bringing me down right now because I've never truly been able to plan my life. It's the Universe's little trick on me. (Why didn't I go to Med School!! ;)

Time to cut to the chase:

I've got a great idea. Like really good. It hit me one day a few weeks ago like a tonne of bricks and I haven't been able to calm down since. I need focus, determination, a little courage and to be able to let go for a while to do it.

Or, I can do what I should be doing. The safe route, the route people would agree with, the one that makes sense financially, and looks good on paper.

I love being married. I have many stories of life I love to share, and Sheldon, he's heard them all. I love the way he'll always listen to them again though and respond 'I know Jen.. you've told me that one..' I wish you could hear my tone of voice though, it's not said in annoyance, it's full of love.

There are so many things I love about this stage in life, and always having a rock by my side to keep me propped up is one of them. I know that Sheldon will support me no matter what I decide to do for the next 89 years. He just wants me to have DIRECTION. Put all my energy into one thing, time to get off the fence. I can hear the disappointment in his voice every time I change my mind.

You often hear of couples who get married, have their children, have careers and when they are done blinking, they realize 20 years have gone by and they aren't sure who they are anymore. Who they are personally and who they are as a couple.

I'm planning on avoiding having that conversation in 20 years, I'm going to start working on it now.

First things first, The Mission Statement. Wish me luck!


M.B. I dedicate this blog to you tonight. You have given me the inspiration I have been looking for. I can't tell you what a sense of relief I feel to know what I need to do next!

Dear Pavel,

You will be ten months old tomorrow! Month number nine has been your craziest by far. I can't believe all that you have learned:
- You finally started crawling! Slowly at first, but now you move from room to room and you get into EVERYTHING
- More than that though.. you started walking! We're up to ten steps little man! You should see and hear how proud your mommy is of this.
- You have perfected the clap. 'Clap, clap, clap' is your favorite.
- You were starting to full on wave bye-bye, but have gotten confused, now when we say bye-bye, you clap!
- I swore you've said a few words.. but no one seems to believe me. Bye and ball
-Now you don't just pass the ball back and forth, you throw it back like you mean it!

If I had to use three words to describe your personality right now, they would be:

Determined. Gentle. Observant

I love you!