Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Cool mom thing or not so cool thing.. pee in a pot has made me the most excited I've been in weeks!

He did it! Pavel James! Congrats my little man! After months (a year) of sitting on the potty, testing it out with and without pants ons, learning to 'wipe' and telling mommy:

'I don't like potty mommy, no. New one diaper please'


You should have seen the proud look on your face. I wish we had the dance we did for the next five minutes on camera! You were so excited it took you an hour to fall asleep.

So proud of you! :)

I feel like that was one big hurdle.. and now to keep working on the timing. We can do it!


* I've been trying to teach Pavel his last name this week. It's spelt Pietrzykowski. Poor kid! That's a tough one to learn to say, let alone spell!
It's pronounced Petra-Kowski

Mommy: Petra
Pavel: Petra
Mommy: Kowski
Pavel: Cowski
Mommy: PetraKowski
Pavel: PetraKowisdjfgwo

Pavel: Petra....Hockey. Petra Hockey. Mommy, Pabel Petra-Hockey!

Mommy: okay, sure.. lol Pavel PetraHockey. Love.

Pavel's Godmother Erin made him this amazing birthday cake!

Birthday gifts from Uncle Jason, Aunty Tanja and Nana and Jaja

Pavel's little Love, Gaby at Pavel's birthday party. She called today to say she loved him and missed him very much. LOL 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pavel's Song

While laying in his bed, pitch dark ready for bed Pavel sings to himself(slowly):

'Mommy.. mooooommmmy daddy. Daddy Dadadadada. Nannie Nanananannie Nannie, baby, baby, baaaby*.. Nanana, Jaja..Mommy! Malcolm..Chiiiita chiiiita, Nealllllll. Ceydaddadadadada.. Nama, mommyyy

Lubbbbbbbb youuuuuu.'

Why oh why couldn't I have gotten this on record!?

**Baby is his stuffed dog, Hattrick.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pavel Today

I'm really loving the funny guy on Sportsnet. He's quite sarcastic.. dark hair, deep voice. Know who I mean? I don't actually 'watch' Sportsnet, but every morning my almost two year old wakes and says:

"Show mommy please. Hockey please. Hockey show mommy.' And then hands me the remote.

I've subconsciously been becoming a fan of the show, with both eyes still closed.

Not only am I constantly watching hockey, I'm also always on the hunt for a puck. Pavel must have a puck in the palm of his hands at all waking moments. His favorite is from his Uncle Jason, who works for the Oilers.

'Mommy, where'd Jason's puck go? Mommy? Puck! Jason's puck!'

So I get up and go look for it. Sometimes it's been left in the car - outside, in the cold. Ugh.

Pavel's birthday party was yesterday. There have been quite a few birthdays the last few weeks, so he's fully grasping the fact that birthday's mean cake!
We amped him up all weekend, hyping up the party. Sunday morning while we're getting ready to go, he starts singing Happy Birthday... to Pavel. Cute.

Funny how you forget just how much of a person these little guys are sometimes. I was on the way out the door to grab weekend morning coffees and mentioned to Sheldon that I was thinking of hitting up Tim Horton's instead of Starbucks.

Sheldon said ' Oh good idea, can you get us some breakfast sandwiches then too please?'

Pavel pipes up 'Mommy, bun please?' Bun is his word for Bagel with cream cheese.

Thanks for your order Pavel! And off I went.

I have this annoying cough. When Pav wakes in the morning, we bring him in our bed so we can grab a few more mins of shut eye. I had my back turned to Pavel and started to cough. He started to pat my back. Every time I'd cough, he'd pat my back.. it was so adorable, that even when I didn't have to cough, I just did so he could keep taking care of his mommy.

Love you son.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Bully,

a few seconds ago
Jenny Adams Pietrzykowski
  • Hi M,

    I'm not sure if you remember me from high school. I'm Jenny Adams. I was a year younger than you.
    You certainly remain in my mind from time to time.. I'm not sure if you know the affect you had on the way I spent those years in high school, or the memories I have of it now.

    I have my own child now, I'm not sure if you do as well.. but it frightens me to think that he could be bullied in school or asked/told to fight at parties, or have bullies and their friends show up at his house and fight his parents, or break into their garages/cars.

    I don't want to think of him crying in his room at night, afraid to go to school, angry with his family - for no fault of their own. Embarrassed. As a mother, I don't think I'll be able to handle that. Me one thing, him.. no, not my baby.

    You may wonder why I am writing this to you now, of all times.. I just read this article in the Journal and it made me think of how I will react now as a parent if my child is being bullied or is a bully.

    I'm hoping that the cycle of bullies stop with them. That bullies learn a lesson from their actions and don't allow their own children to act the same. I'm hoping that if bullies think about their actions as teenagers from time to time, they think of how they could have acted differently or how they will teach their children to act differently.

    Do you think that's true?

    Anyway, I'm sure I must have done something to make you mad.. I'm just glad that I was big enough to take the abuse, and walk away and know now that any problems, big or small can usually be solved with a mature conversation.. and not with threats of violence or verbal abuse.

    Hope you are well.

    Jenny Adams

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



I can't sleep. I can't stop crying. I can't believe you're almost 2.

Mommy drops you off everyday at 'school' and I convince myself that you really like going there. You really like all of your friends and you have fun. You'd just be bored with me.

But you're almost 2.

Why am I working full time. Is it worth it? I'm tired by the time I get home. I don't take you to do anything exciting on the way home. No swimming, no dance class, no music, no sports. I've got supper to cook and then I want to relax and you go to bed by 8. You don't get to see your friends during the week because it's just too busy.

Is it worth it?

I really like working. I love what I do, but I'm seeing time slip away. Is there even another option?

Pavel, don't be mad at mommy okay? I'm trying to do my best. I'll figure it out, I promise.

Guilt, please let me sleep.

I love you my little P.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chatty Pabel's Love Affair with the Moon

Cool mom thing.. or not so cool mom thing - I have a pretty cool bestie. He's nearly two (Two more months until he's two!? So crazy..)

Photo Credit Tanja Croucmdiwzw3ew3rszmxl
At the grocery store:
Pavel - Mommy mommy! P for Pavel! (Pointing at a sign that reads: New Lower Prices).
I didn't believe what I heard. I asked him again what he said:
Pavel - P for Pavel!
I even tested him on any signs I could find that had the letter P. Every time he got it right. I was shocked, letter books aren't in our top rotation right now.

Last week when the hubby was out in Asia:
I pick Pavel up from the dayhome and he says
'Hi Mommy! Daddy in China.'
It wasn't very clear, so I said.. what's that hunny?

Dayhome Lady says - Oh, he's saying Daddy's in China. He's been saying it all day.

This should be a lesson to me that Pavel is listening at all times and will repeat what I am saying to people. Yes, I think I realized this before, but with sentences, he's able to get more thoughts across that actually make sense, like this:

Pavel - Mommy... boobies? (Pointing to my fully clothed chest)
Me - Yes Pavel, those are mommy's boobies
Pavel - Pabel boobies?
Me - Yes Pavel has boobies
Pavel - Jaja boobies? (Sheldon's Dad) Nana boobies? (His mom)
Me - Yup them too! Everyone has boobies!

Colours. Jaja taught Pavel his colours this summer. He knows them all! Red, orange, green, blue, purple, black, white, lellow. (that's all the colours that exist right?)
No Fear for this Big Boy

I talk a lot. Just ask the poor girl that I work with. She gets the brunt of it all, her and my husband. It shouldn't surprise me that my son would talk a lot. And he does. Non stop. From the second I pick him up, wake him up, and look in his direction. He's got something to say. Or sing.

Pavel's new favorite game is singing along to the music on the radio.

Semi Charmed Life - Do do doo, do do doo!
Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough (His FAV) Switcha!
Spin Doctors - Two Princes - Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy badbadabdabadabababa

I honestly can't stop giggling at this guy. I love 'Mommy Dance, Pabel Dance?' Dance parties with my son are the best, especially when Daddy and Nannie join in. They don't have a choice! lol
He's got a great spinarama move right now.

Pavel picked his outfit tonight. Nice!

The Moon.

Pavel is OBSESSED with the moon. Something my mom said to him back in January. I'm not sure what it is but it stuck. He gets giddy when he sees the moon. He can point it out day or night (yes, you can see it in the day too sometimes, ask Pavel!) We have to say 'Good Night Moon' at my bedroom window at least three times before he goes to sleep and even the odd driveway kiss goodnight is warranted. 
It's pretty sweet though. Every time he points to the moon, the next thing he says after
Mommy! Mommy! MOON! 
Nannie Moon! Nannie Moon!

I think it will always be their own secret way of saying goodnight and I love you to each other, every night before bed even when they are not together. Love.
Pavel Spotting the Moon

The sweetest thing. Sweetest. We went to St. Paul with the family a few weekends ago. Our grandma Sophie wasn't feeling well (she's almost 90 but still keener than ever). When she needed help out of the car and to walk into the house, Pavel ran up and said:
'Nama, Nama, hand?' and took her hand to walk with her into the building.

Pretty proud moment for this momma.



Wednesday, August 3, 2011

San Diego Family Vacation

Cool mom thing.. or not so cool mom thing... Just got back from a family vacation. It was my first time traveling by plane with Pavel alone. I was stressed before we rolled into the airport. I cried twice before we boarded the plane, but once we took off luck was on my side. He slept from San Diego to Vancouver. We got to skip the 2500 person customs line. Air Canada gave us an extra seat from Van to Edmonton. I was starting to brag to myself and my Twitterverse what a piece of cake this was. Feeling good, I give Pavel a snack - celery. We are taxiing down the runway, he starts to choke. I get worried but luckily he barfed all over mommy and himself and got that celery out. Flight attendant threw me a hot towel and we took off.  All I could do was laugh.
'Pants on the ground after I threw up everywhere!'
Note to self: No more celery while flying.

What a little boy I have on my hands. When  he was a newborn, my friends swore to me that every stage would just get better and better - and it has. We had the best time in San Diego. Pavel loved running through the hotel hallway with his bowed legs barely touching the ground as he'd sprint as fast as he could.

Every time we saw the ocean he'd say SHIMMING! SHIMMING! The beach was one giant puddle for him and he insisted on starting a mud fight with anyone who would walk by.  We stayed in a part of San Diego called Del Mar. So beautiful. Five mins from La Jolla and Torrey Pines. I can't tell you how many times I said WOW as we drove around a corner. I just can't imagine having the beach at your finger tips like that. California Girls was stuck in my head the whole vacay.

It was pretty neat taking him to Sea World - personally, I'm not sure how I feel about keeping animals in captivity - I get some sort of odd foreshadowing feeling and can't help think how I would feel if that was me.. locked in a cage away from my family and life - I know, I'm weird.
He was captivated by the whales and scared by the sharks.. of course the turtles, he won't stop talking about them.
At the beach in Del Mar
Eating FRIES! by the pool with mommy

Waiting for daddy
Early morning walks

Sea World


Getting him after he threw mud at a random sun bather
I have to admit, I pulled a few rookie moves while on this trip. Things like, ordering Pavel his own meal each time we went out - not only did it cost us an extra $15, he barely ate any of us most of the time. I forget how big portions are in the US, he easily could have ate from our plates.

I didn't bring an extra change of clothes with us to Legoland - first thing he did was find a spray park. I took his shirt off to keep something dry, not noticing the huge signs that say shirts must stay on. I'm sure the other parents were giving me silly dirty looks. He was soaked for a while, but didn't seem to mind too much!

Pavel and I had a rental car (sweet Crown Victoria). We got really great at driving on the I5 together (what the heck is the speed limit on it anyway? People are FLYING!) The guys didn't get us a GPS and I said it was no big deal, but I ended up wasting half a day looking for Norstrom's Rack because of it. We went to Best Buy and picked one up. Best $100 spent of the trip. Time is precious on holiday!

The babysitter issue. We needed a babysitter for a work dinner the first night, there was no way around it. We lucked out and one of our good friends kindly hooked us up with a family babysitter down there. She was perfect and I wasn't worried all night. That being said, I totally would have given an agency a go - and I would have introduced her to every valet driver, cleaning person, front desk checkeriner, and concierge there was in whole place. There would be no escaping unnoticed.

Sheldon and I loved the trip and would happily move there.. and I think Pavel loved it too. I'm sure he won't remember the details, but I do think his love for 'Fries!' and dip (Ketchup) will live on and of course any time with mommy AND daddy is like winning the lottery for him. I wonder how much longer that will last!


Pavel Updates
He knows some colors (about 80% of the time) - Yellow, orange, sometimes red and everything else is BLUES!
I've wanted to mention the fact that my husband has thrown out every toy he's gotten (or packed it up in the basement) and replaced them with only balls, sticks, clubs or nets. He's gotten so good at catching and he is determined to dribble his basketball.
For some reason he is soother obsessed at night. He hasn't been using a soother since he was about four months old. It's odd, isn't it?

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Boy's Not a Baby..

Cool mom thing.. or not so cool mom thing.. we finally have a deck and a fence and soon, grass. I get so excited after work to drive home and sit on my deck. (There isn't furniture on it yet or anything) Pavel and I play bubbles or hockey and nothing could make me happier right now.

My boy's not a baby anymore. I noticed today for the first time.. really for the first time, when I brought him into our bed at 630am. His legs are so long. He doesn't need help sitting up or getting comfortable. I tried to lay him back to sleep and he sat up and said 'No Mommy. Show.'

I put on the TV. I was told. 

Pavel has been hilarious lately. How about Friday when he stole the day home lady's phone and called me. Don't ask me how, but it just worked out that somehow he got to my number. When I saw the number come up I freaked and thought something was wrong as the day home and I only communicate over text it seems:

Me: Hello? Hello? Is Pavel okay?
Pav: Hi Daddy!
Me: Pavel? It's mommy!
Pav: Hi Daddy!
Me: Pavel, what are you doing? Hi honey I miss you!! Are you going to have lunch?
Pav: Hungry! Hi Daddy!

It goes without fail that if I go get Pavel, he asks for daddy.. if daddy goes to get him, he wants mommy. It's the best when he's sitting in between us, so happy and saying as he looks back and forth: Daddy! Mommy! Daddy! Mommy!
(Of course when he's in trouble he yells.. NANNIE!!!)

He melts my heart. 

Long gone are the days when I was the only mommy in this relationship. Pavel has taken it upon himself to start 'helping' out. 
He was trying to talk over Sheldon and I the other day (which he does often) and I was ignoring him. He got louder and louder.. MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY!!
Finally, I got down to his level and said: 
Yes Pavel?
Pav: 'Nose Mommy' And then he proceeded to wipe my nose with a kleenex for me. After he was done, he went to the garbage and threw it out! 
LOL I laughed so hard. 

He loves to vacuum and tries especially hard to out loud the damn thing when it's turned on. Dancing and singing next to it as we clean the floor. 

Pavel has started cleaning up his own spills of water and milk with a square of toilet paper and INSISTS on brushing his teeth.. at least 7 times a day. (He should have a chat with his dad.)

It really is amazing to watch a little mind develop and I'm constantly in awe of how much these little people learn in such a short time. 

The other day he was sitting with me on the couch while I was on the computer. He wanted to touch it and I kept saying noooooo. So he'd look at me with his devil eyes and put his hand closer and closer and closer and when he'd slowly touch the keyboard, I'd say no Pavel and take his hand away.
Well, then he'd take my hand, lift his bum cheek and sit on it (hoping it would be stuck under there) and go back for the keyboard! 

That little monkey.. 

Pavel had first week without mommy or daddy this month. Lucky for us my amazing mom took time off of work to spend with him. We headed off to Cabo for a good friend's wedding and it was a blast. We had lots of laughs and I read a number of books. Got a sun tan. Slept in.

I missed my Pav though. And he missed us. He wasn't a happy camper.. and I know that eventually he's got to get used to us being away.. but I felt really bad. He was mad at me for a few days after I came home (Sheldon headed to the states from Cabo for work). Didn't want to come to me and turned his head away a few times. Ouch.
I don't want him to grow up too fast. Well any faster than he is already. Where did my little baby go?

Love you Pav


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dear Pavel,

Cool mom thing... or not so cool mom thing.. I feel like I spent all weekend cleaning, and my house is still a disaster. I need a hiding space from the constant mess!

Dear Pavel,

What a wonderful weekend. Just me and you. Mama and Pavel. Man you make me laugh right now. You are so smart. Too smart.

You understand everything I say to you - pretty much everything I think! We were in a store yesterday and you started pulling shoes off of the shelves. I asked you to put them back and you did! 
You make me proud because you are so very well behaved. So many people comment how mellow you are.. you just like to check things out. Always examining, always contemplating life.. 

You are very determined. You carried a box of shoes around the store for ten minutes and you got so mad when the lid fell off because you couldn't always put it back on. In due time my little luv bug things like that will be much easier! 

I have such a great trick right now when we eat. Sometimes you dump everything on the ground after two bites BUT, if I give you a fork.. you love eating! Tonight I BBQ'd up a fillet, potatoes and asparagus. I love that you aren't a picky eater. You are such a good boy. 
I know you think you are very funny too.. you play the cutest game right now. 
'Yes, Pavel?'
And then you bust out in a full on conversation... three seconds later:
'Yes, Pavel?
'sluenadlksaoai' and then you burst out laughing... We play this game over and over and over! It's so cute.

Holy crap you can hit that golf ball. It's so funny too how you hold your golf clubs different than your hockey sticks... like you've been paying attention to everything dada's been teaching you. Smarty pants.

Teeth! You are obsessed with brushing your teeth... or should I say, eating the teeny amount of toothpaste I put on there for you. Teeth! Teeth!

I know the last few weeks have been a little rough as you have been getting  your molars. Poor little guy, not happy with mom when we got home from school. I feel bad sweetie that I wasn't able to help you more and I know I even was a little short sometimes with you... I'm sorry for not realizing what was going on. Mom's try to know everything... but sometimes we don't. 

I do know that you were the happiest little guy this weekend. You had constant giggles! I wish I could take these moments and freeze them (Why hasn't someone invented this yet??). You melt my heart when you point to the pictures in your room of you the day you were born and say 'Baby'... and point to the one of me and you 'Mama, baby'. Ahhhhh. I love you so much.

Helping Mom Spring Clean

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Grass is Greener?

Dear Cool mom.. Note to Self:
It's February. It's cold, dark and miserable out - every single day. Your husband is either working late or out of town which means you get to exhaustively do it all - and then find something terrible on the tv to watch at night to pass the time. The daily grind (although blessed in every way) is starting to feel a little claustrophobic.

Whatever you do - DO NOT plan a trip of any kind to a warmer, brighter, kidless, and nearly responsibility- free place.

What exactly have I done. I can't lie. I feel trapped. This life I love is making me mad.

The funny thing is, I was dreading leaving Pavel for four days. I had never left him for longer than a night - and that was only once. My game plan was to not actually digest the fact that I'd be leaving him and dad and that he'd probably miss me so much he'd cry non-stop and insist on taking a framed photo of me to bed with him (this is what happens when mom leaves for a few days right??)

Pavel Helping Dad with the Dishes
It was also the first opportunity for Sheldon be home along with him for a few days - to really get an idea of all the work it takes for me while he's busy with his career. In my day dreaming I thought for sure Sheldon would be begging me to come home, he'd write me a thank-you card for everything he hadn't noticed over the last year.. haha, don't worry, I'm laughing as I type this.

So I left on a work trip and I missed him, don't get me wrong - but I had a great time. It was a breath of fresh air - a glimpse into a life that I happily said good-bye to two years ago (when I got all pregnant and stuff).

I can't stop thinking about how great it was not to have to pick up toys, do all the laundry, think about what to make everyone for dinner every night. I slept really well every night. I had time to do my hair, and shop. I didn't go to bed at 8pm out of boredom and not being able to leave the house..

and now I'm having the grass is greener syndrome.

Please don't hate me as I type this. Please try not to judge. I'm hoping that some of you can relate. Please say I'm not the worst person in the world for missing the 'good ol days' tonight.

Since going back to work, it's been really interesting to notice the change in the way I'm feeling lately. Going back to work used to be just a way to build up enough hours so I can have another baby and take the time off again. It was a means to an end, help pay the bills.. afford some vacation time and shopping splurges.

It almost feels like I've been thrown back to the first few months of having Pavel. It's all new, we're figuring out routines, there are a lot of different insecurities I'm encountering. It can be really tough some days.

On the other hand (and this has shocked me too), I'm REALLY loving working! I love what I'm doing and who I'm doing it with. I love picking Pavel up at 430 and having a few hours to spend with him in the evening. I love our weekend time together as a family.

A Gift Sent for Pavel from Mom's Trip 

So let me sum this up for all of us:

I went away on an action packed trip to a slightly warmer, sunnier, place with a really fun group of people. I had delicious dinners and lots of drinks with new and old friends. I shopped. I did my hair. I accomplished some things I'm really proud of work-wise.

And now coming home, I'm resenting cleaning, cooking, ponytails, and early nights with my computer/TV.

I don't even think I need to go see my life-coach to figure this one out...

Note to Self: After getting your female self all worked up, over thinking every emotion, wondering if your a horrible mother for enjoying a break and wishing for more.. STOP.

Just plan a family vacation for the following week, so you can realize that you can relax, forget about laundry, and rock a ponytail with the ones you love the most.. and enjoy some of those sloppy toddler kisses at the same time! (We leave tomorrow!)


Okay honestly.. by the time I got to the end of this post.. I'm feeling a million times better. And silly. Thanks for reading.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ready.. Set.. Baby Number 2!?

Cool mom thing or not so cool mom thing... I keep living in the past. The year of Pavel. I wonder if I'll ever be that happy again. I must say though, I'm just as happy now, it's just so much busier.  No nap time for mommy, no yoga twice a week. Watching The View in the evening just isn't the same.
 How many more years until I retire?

I ran into an old friend today in the maternity ward of one of the local hospitals. It was a random fluke seeing him there and at first, he didn’t register it was me calling his name.

“D!” I said excitedly, “did you just have a baby!?”

“Why, yes, yes I did” he says after a pregnant pause, “A little girl.”

I wish I could have caught that moment on camera. He had this glazed over look in his eyes, like he had just been hit in the head by surprise.. but whatever had hit him, felt really, really good. And he had this happy smirk on his face that looked like it wouldn’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

“What an amazing experience.”

Oh D. Did my husband call you? Ask you to have your baby last night so that I would just randomly meet up with you in the hospital after all these years and be persuaded by the look in your eye to dive into all this all over again?

No? Well, what about the wonderful ladies I work with. On my second day on the job, one of them asked me in front of everyone in the office how long would it be until I was pregnant again - was it her that called you? If not her, one of the others? It’s a pretty regular conversation topic.

It almost worked, D, it almost worked.

In case you were wondering, I am not ready yet. Kids are a LOT OF WORK! Why didn’t anyone tell me how much my life was going to change after I had one? Why didn’t anyone tell me how much sleep I’d be missing out on? How exhausting it would be to have a job, and a child.*

What happens when there’s two!?

Here’s the thing. Sheldon and I want more than two, we want at least three. And everyone who has three says, oh, just have four! Why not, really...

Last night we had the luxury of meeting a couple who had two young adult boys and younger twin girls.

There was another couple there that had five girls!

And no, we weren’t at some anti birth control convention, we were at the hockey game.

We want a giant family.

It seems like it would be so fun.

It’s so easy to forget all the details in between and just romanticize the idea of having large Christmas gatherings.. and having all of Pavel’s friends love hanging out at his house on Pizza Friday..

How do people do it? It doesn’t matter which way I look at it:

If I’m a working mom.. I get the luxury of escaping the chaos and maybe hiring some help to clean..but I have to be away from them. And why have them if you aren’t going to be with them, some say.

If I’m a stay at home mom, I get the amazing opportunity to get to know my kids, always be there for them, volunteer for their school field trips. Sounds perfect except I’m pretty sure my husband would expect me to cook and clean too (whaaaaat?). It’s not that I couldn’t do it for the chance to stay home with my little ones, but maybe my mind couldn’t handle it - and my shopping habits!
Pavel's First Skate!
Pavel and Dada's Skates

And what happens if I have three boys - I would need a full time job just to pay for their groceries, I think. Not to mention if they want to play hockey or learn ballet. And how exactly do you manage driving three boys (or girls or a little of both) around to all the sports games, music classes and Mandarin lessons?

Wait. Who pays for all their clothes and shoes when they start growing an inch or so a month?

Does it matter I wonder? Do people with large families just jump in head first and just worry about the details later? At some point does the utter chaos of little bodies yelling and laughing, toys everywhere, marks on the walls, food smooshed on the floor and your new title being 'Chauffeur' create a Zen like state?

I'm thinking it must. Or at least I'll hang onto that thought for a little while longer.. for when I'm ready.


*And yes I’m totally kidding. You all told me these things numerous times.. just like anything though, you can’t really believe it until you’re actually walking in those shoes!

Pavel Update:

His talking is crazy. I wish I could understand him! Turtle, stars, chicken, cheese, his friends names at the day home, baby, car.. I think he has his mother's 'gift' for gab.
He is a little monkey. Loves to jump and climb, and go up the stairs (ugh.) He especially loves to dance and sing. It's the cutest thing!
He's such a good little boy, we just can't stop talking about him.. and smiling. What a gift!