Monday, June 27, 2011

My Boy's Not a Baby..

Cool mom thing.. or not so cool mom thing.. we finally have a deck and a fence and soon, grass. I get so excited after work to drive home and sit on my deck. (There isn't furniture on it yet or anything) Pavel and I play bubbles or hockey and nothing could make me happier right now.

My boy's not a baby anymore. I noticed today for the first time.. really for the first time, when I brought him into our bed at 630am. His legs are so long. He doesn't need help sitting up or getting comfortable. I tried to lay him back to sleep and he sat up and said 'No Mommy. Show.'

I put on the TV. I was told. 

Pavel has been hilarious lately. How about Friday when he stole the day home lady's phone and called me. Don't ask me how, but it just worked out that somehow he got to my number. When I saw the number come up I freaked and thought something was wrong as the day home and I only communicate over text it seems:

Me: Hello? Hello? Is Pavel okay?
Pav: Hi Daddy!
Me: Pavel? It's mommy!
Pav: Hi Daddy!
Me: Pavel, what are you doing? Hi honey I miss you!! Are you going to have lunch?
Pav: Hungry! Hi Daddy!

It goes without fail that if I go get Pavel, he asks for daddy.. if daddy goes to get him, he wants mommy. It's the best when he's sitting in between us, so happy and saying as he looks back and forth: Daddy! Mommy! Daddy! Mommy!
(Of course when he's in trouble he yells.. NANNIE!!!)

He melts my heart. 

Long gone are the days when I was the only mommy in this relationship. Pavel has taken it upon himself to start 'helping' out. 
He was trying to talk over Sheldon and I the other day (which he does often) and I was ignoring him. He got louder and louder.. MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY!!
Finally, I got down to his level and said: 
Yes Pavel?
Pav: 'Nose Mommy' And then he proceeded to wipe my nose with a kleenex for me. After he was done, he went to the garbage and threw it out! 
LOL I laughed so hard. 

He loves to vacuum and tries especially hard to out loud the damn thing when it's turned on. Dancing and singing next to it as we clean the floor. 

Pavel has started cleaning up his own spills of water and milk with a square of toilet paper and INSISTS on brushing his teeth.. at least 7 times a day. (He should have a chat with his dad.)

It really is amazing to watch a little mind develop and I'm constantly in awe of how much these little people learn in such a short time. 

The other day he was sitting with me on the couch while I was on the computer. He wanted to touch it and I kept saying noooooo. So he'd look at me with his devil eyes and put his hand closer and closer and closer and when he'd slowly touch the keyboard, I'd say no Pavel and take his hand away.
Well, then he'd take my hand, lift his bum cheek and sit on it (hoping it would be stuck under there) and go back for the keyboard! 

That little monkey.. 

Pavel had first week without mommy or daddy this month. Lucky for us my amazing mom took time off of work to spend with him. We headed off to Cabo for a good friend's wedding and it was a blast. We had lots of laughs and I read a number of books. Got a sun tan. Slept in.

I missed my Pav though. And he missed us. He wasn't a happy camper.. and I know that eventually he's got to get used to us being away.. but I felt really bad. He was mad at me for a few days after I came home (Sheldon headed to the states from Cabo for work). Didn't want to come to me and turned his head away a few times. Ouch.
I don't want him to grow up too fast. Well any faster than he is already. Where did my little baby go?

Love you Pav