Wednesday, August 3, 2011

San Diego Family Vacation

Cool mom thing.. or not so cool mom thing... Just got back from a family vacation. It was my first time traveling by plane with Pavel alone. I was stressed before we rolled into the airport. I cried twice before we boarded the plane, but once we took off luck was on my side. He slept from San Diego to Vancouver. We got to skip the 2500 person customs line. Air Canada gave us an extra seat from Van to Edmonton. I was starting to brag to myself and my Twitterverse what a piece of cake this was. Feeling good, I give Pavel a snack - celery. We are taxiing down the runway, he starts to choke. I get worried but luckily he barfed all over mommy and himself and got that celery out. Flight attendant threw me a hot towel and we took off.  All I could do was laugh.
'Pants on the ground after I threw up everywhere!'
Note to self: No more celery while flying.

What a little boy I have on my hands. When  he was a newborn, my friends swore to me that every stage would just get better and better - and it has. We had the best time in San Diego. Pavel loved running through the hotel hallway with his bowed legs barely touching the ground as he'd sprint as fast as he could.

Every time we saw the ocean he'd say SHIMMING! SHIMMING! The beach was one giant puddle for him and he insisted on starting a mud fight with anyone who would walk by.  We stayed in a part of San Diego called Del Mar. So beautiful. Five mins from La Jolla and Torrey Pines. I can't tell you how many times I said WOW as we drove around a corner. I just can't imagine having the beach at your finger tips like that. California Girls was stuck in my head the whole vacay.

It was pretty neat taking him to Sea World - personally, I'm not sure how I feel about keeping animals in captivity - I get some sort of odd foreshadowing feeling and can't help think how I would feel if that was me.. locked in a cage away from my family and life - I know, I'm weird.
He was captivated by the whales and scared by the sharks.. of course the turtles, he won't stop talking about them.
At the beach in Del Mar
Eating FRIES! by the pool with mommy

Waiting for daddy
Early morning walks

Sea World


Getting him after he threw mud at a random sun bather
I have to admit, I pulled a few rookie moves while on this trip. Things like, ordering Pavel his own meal each time we went out - not only did it cost us an extra $15, he barely ate any of us most of the time. I forget how big portions are in the US, he easily could have ate from our plates.

I didn't bring an extra change of clothes with us to Legoland - first thing he did was find a spray park. I took his shirt off to keep something dry, not noticing the huge signs that say shirts must stay on. I'm sure the other parents were giving me silly dirty looks. He was soaked for a while, but didn't seem to mind too much!

Pavel and I had a rental car (sweet Crown Victoria). We got really great at driving on the I5 together (what the heck is the speed limit on it anyway? People are FLYING!) The guys didn't get us a GPS and I said it was no big deal, but I ended up wasting half a day looking for Norstrom's Rack because of it. We went to Best Buy and picked one up. Best $100 spent of the trip. Time is precious on holiday!

The babysitter issue. We needed a babysitter for a work dinner the first night, there was no way around it. We lucked out and one of our good friends kindly hooked us up with a family babysitter down there. She was perfect and I wasn't worried all night. That being said, I totally would have given an agency a go - and I would have introduced her to every valet driver, cleaning person, front desk checkeriner, and concierge there was in whole place. There would be no escaping unnoticed.

Sheldon and I loved the trip and would happily move there.. and I think Pavel loved it too. I'm sure he won't remember the details, but I do think his love for 'Fries!' and dip (Ketchup) will live on and of course any time with mommy AND daddy is like winning the lottery for him. I wonder how much longer that will last!


Pavel Updates
He knows some colors (about 80% of the time) - Yellow, orange, sometimes red and everything else is BLUES!
I've wanted to mention the fact that my husband has thrown out every toy he's gotten (or packed it up in the basement) and replaced them with only balls, sticks, clubs or nets. He's gotten so good at catching and he is determined to dribble his basketball.
For some reason he is soother obsessed at night. He hasn't been using a soother since he was about four months old. It's odd, isn't it?


Daniel said...

I love how Pavel is always rockin MLB hats.

Jenny Adams said...

That and a pair of Nike's! ;)

Janette said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing! It sounds like you had a ton of fun on your family vacation to San Diego. I heard it's a great place to spend time with the family.