Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chatty Pabel's Love Affair with the Moon

Cool mom thing.. or not so cool mom thing - I have a pretty cool bestie. He's nearly two (Two more months until he's two!? So crazy..)

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At the grocery store:
Pavel - Mommy mommy! P for Pavel! (Pointing at a sign that reads: New Lower Prices).
I didn't believe what I heard. I asked him again what he said:
Pavel - P for Pavel!
I even tested him on any signs I could find that had the letter P. Every time he got it right. I was shocked, letter books aren't in our top rotation right now.

Last week when the hubby was out in Asia:
I pick Pavel up from the dayhome and he says
'Hi Mommy! Daddy in China.'
It wasn't very clear, so I said.. what's that hunny?

Dayhome Lady says - Oh, he's saying Daddy's in China. He's been saying it all day.

This should be a lesson to me that Pavel is listening at all times and will repeat what I am saying to people. Yes, I think I realized this before, but with sentences, he's able to get more thoughts across that actually make sense, like this:

Pavel - Mommy... boobies? (Pointing to my fully clothed chest)
Me - Yes Pavel, those are mommy's boobies
Pavel - Pabel boobies?
Me - Yes Pavel has boobies
Pavel - Jaja boobies? (Sheldon's Dad) Nana boobies? (His mom)
Me - Yup them too! Everyone has boobies!

Colours. Jaja taught Pavel his colours this summer. He knows them all! Red, orange, green, blue, purple, black, white, lellow. (that's all the colours that exist right?)
No Fear for this Big Boy

I talk a lot. Just ask the poor girl that I work with. She gets the brunt of it all, her and my husband. It shouldn't surprise me that my son would talk a lot. And he does. Non stop. From the second I pick him up, wake him up, and look in his direction. He's got something to say. Or sing.

Pavel's new favorite game is singing along to the music on the radio.

Semi Charmed Life - Do do doo, do do doo!
Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough (His FAV) Switcha!
Spin Doctors - Two Princes - Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy badbadabdabadabababa

I honestly can't stop giggling at this guy. I love 'Mommy Dance, Pabel Dance?' Dance parties with my son are the best, especially when Daddy and Nannie join in. They don't have a choice! lol
He's got a great spinarama move right now.

Pavel picked his outfit tonight. Nice!

The Moon.

Pavel is OBSESSED with the moon. Something my mom said to him back in January. I'm not sure what it is but it stuck. He gets giddy when he sees the moon. He can point it out day or night (yes, you can see it in the day too sometimes, ask Pavel!) We have to say 'Good Night Moon' at my bedroom window at least three times before he goes to sleep and even the odd driveway kiss goodnight is warranted. 
It's pretty sweet though. Every time he points to the moon, the next thing he says after
Mommy! Mommy! MOON! 
Nannie Moon! Nannie Moon!

I think it will always be their own secret way of saying goodnight and I love you to each other, every night before bed even when they are not together. Love.
Pavel Spotting the Moon

The sweetest thing. Sweetest. We went to St. Paul with the family a few weekends ago. Our grandma Sophie wasn't feeling well (she's almost 90 but still keener than ever). When she needed help out of the car and to walk into the house, Pavel ran up and said:
'Nama, Nama, hand?' and took her hand to walk with her into the building.

Pretty proud moment for this momma.



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