Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Cool mom thing or not so cool thing.. pee in a pot has made me the most excited I've been in weeks!

He did it! Pavel James! Congrats my little man! After months (a year) of sitting on the potty, testing it out with and without pants ons, learning to 'wipe' and telling mommy:

'I don't like potty mommy, no. New one diaper please'


You should have seen the proud look on your face. I wish we had the dance we did for the next five minutes on camera! You were so excited it took you an hour to fall asleep.

So proud of you! :)

I feel like that was one big hurdle.. and now to keep working on the timing. We can do it!


* I've been trying to teach Pavel his last name this week. It's spelt Pietrzykowski. Poor kid! That's a tough one to learn to say, let alone spell!
It's pronounced Petra-Kowski

Mommy: Petra
Pavel: Petra
Mommy: Kowski
Pavel: Cowski
Mommy: PetraKowski
Pavel: PetraKowisdjfgwo

Pavel: Petra....Hockey. Petra Hockey. Mommy, Pabel Petra-Hockey!

Mommy: okay, sure.. lol Pavel PetraHockey. Love.

Pavel's Godmother Erin made him this amazing birthday cake!

Birthday gifts from Uncle Jason, Aunty Tanja and Nana and Jaja

Pavel's little Love, Gaby at Pavel's birthday party. She called today to say she loved him and missed him very much. LOL