Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dear Pavel,

Cool mom thing... or not so cool mom thing.. I feel like I spent all weekend cleaning, and my house is still a disaster. I need a hiding space from the constant mess!

Dear Pavel,

What a wonderful weekend. Just me and you. Mama and Pavel. Man you make me laugh right now. You are so smart. Too smart.

You understand everything I say to you - pretty much everything I think! We were in a store yesterday and you started pulling shoes off of the shelves. I asked you to put them back and you did! 
You make me proud because you are so very well behaved. So many people comment how mellow you are.. you just like to check things out. Always examining, always contemplating life.. 

You are very determined. You carried a box of shoes around the store for ten minutes and you got so mad when the lid fell off because you couldn't always put it back on. In due time my little luv bug things like that will be much easier! 

I have such a great trick right now when we eat. Sometimes you dump everything on the ground after two bites BUT, if I give you a fork.. you love eating! Tonight I BBQ'd up a fillet, potatoes and asparagus. I love that you aren't a picky eater. You are such a good boy. 
I know you think you are very funny too.. you play the cutest game right now. 
'Yes, Pavel?'
And then you bust out in a full on conversation... three seconds later:
'Yes, Pavel?
'sluenadlksaoai' and then you burst out laughing... We play this game over and over and over! It's so cute.

Holy crap you can hit that golf ball. It's so funny too how you hold your golf clubs different than your hockey sticks... like you've been paying attention to everything dada's been teaching you. Smarty pants.

Teeth! You are obsessed with brushing your teeth... or should I say, eating the teeny amount of toothpaste I put on there for you. Teeth! Teeth!

I know the last few weeks have been a little rough as you have been getting  your molars. Poor little guy, not happy with mom when we got home from school. I feel bad sweetie that I wasn't able to help you more and I know I even was a little short sometimes with you... I'm sorry for not realizing what was going on. Mom's try to know everything... but sometimes we don't. 

I do know that you were the happiest little guy this weekend. You had constant giggles! I wish I could take these moments and freeze them (Why hasn't someone invented this yet??). You melt my heart when you point to the pictures in your room of you the day you were born and say 'Baby'... and point to the one of me and you 'Mama, baby'. Ahhhhh. I love you so much.

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