Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pavel's Song

While laying in his bed, pitch dark ready for bed Pavel sings to himself(slowly):

'Mommy.. mooooommmmy daddy. Daddy Dadadadada. Nannie Nanananannie Nannie, baby, baby, baaaby*.. Nanana, Jaja..Mommy! Malcolm..Chiiiita chiiiita, Nealllllll. Ceydaddadadadada.. Nama, mommyyy

Lubbbbbbbb youuuuuu.'

Why oh why couldn't I have gotten this on record!?

**Baby is his stuffed dog, Hattrick.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pavel Today

I'm really loving the funny guy on Sportsnet. He's quite sarcastic.. dark hair, deep voice. Know who I mean? I don't actually 'watch' Sportsnet, but every morning my almost two year old wakes and says:

"Show mommy please. Hockey please. Hockey show mommy.' And then hands me the remote.

I've subconsciously been becoming a fan of the show, with both eyes still closed.

Not only am I constantly watching hockey, I'm also always on the hunt for a puck. Pavel must have a puck in the palm of his hands at all waking moments. His favorite is from his Uncle Jason, who works for the Oilers.

'Mommy, where'd Jason's puck go? Mommy? Puck! Jason's puck!'

So I get up and go look for it. Sometimes it's been left in the car - outside, in the cold. Ugh.

Pavel's birthday party was yesterday. There have been quite a few birthdays the last few weeks, so he's fully grasping the fact that birthday's mean cake!
We amped him up all weekend, hyping up the party. Sunday morning while we're getting ready to go, he starts singing Happy Birthday... to Pavel. Cute.

Funny how you forget just how much of a person these little guys are sometimes. I was on the way out the door to grab weekend morning coffees and mentioned to Sheldon that I was thinking of hitting up Tim Horton's instead of Starbucks.

Sheldon said ' Oh good idea, can you get us some breakfast sandwiches then too please?'

Pavel pipes up 'Mommy, bun please?' Bun is his word for Bagel with cream cheese.

Thanks for your order Pavel! And off I went.

I have this annoying cough. When Pav wakes in the morning, we bring him in our bed so we can grab a few more mins of shut eye. I had my back turned to Pavel and started to cough. He started to pat my back. Every time I'd cough, he'd pat my back.. it was so adorable, that even when I didn't have to cough, I just did so he could keep taking care of his mommy.

Love you son.