Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Could Use a Little Help...

So, this mommy could use a little help.

About a month ago, my little man (2 as of November 11) took to the potty like nobody's business. Five times in a row! And then...


No mommy, I don't like. New one diaper please. Daddy change it.

Basically put that sentence on repeat. He'll sit on the potty, but that's is! And only on the best of days.

So what exactly happened? Do I push him? Do I bring out the smarties or treats for a little potty bribe?

It's funny, I said to him the other morning 'Oh I love my baby...' and he got mad.

No mommy! Not baby. Big boy.

Okay then big boy. Let's do this!

If you have any advice on potty training your stubborn little one, please please please share!

If I take his diaper off, he just pees on the ground and walks away like nothing.

He's told me for a year when he makes a dirty diaper.. just not pees.

I'm torn. Wait another few months? Or start putting MUCH more effort into this.