Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Could Use a Little Help...

So, this mommy could use a little help.

About a month ago, my little man (2 as of November 11) took to the potty like nobody's business. Five times in a row! And then...


No mommy, I don't like. New one diaper please. Daddy change it.

Basically put that sentence on repeat. He'll sit on the potty, but that's is! And only on the best of days.

So what exactly happened? Do I push him? Do I bring out the smarties or treats for a little potty bribe?

It's funny, I said to him the other morning 'Oh I love my baby...' and he got mad.

No mommy! Not baby. Big boy.

Okay then big boy. Let's do this!

If you have any advice on potty training your stubborn little one, please please please share!

If I take his diaper off, he just pees on the ground and walks away like nothing.

He's told me for a year when he makes a dirty diaper.. just not pees.

I'm torn. Wait another few months? Or start putting MUCH more effort into this.




Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny,

It's been a long time for me. My daughter is 21 now. My how time flies.

This worked for me:

I just let her run around naked for a couple of days.

They do not want to do it on the floor or have it run down their legs. Best of luck


Anonymous said...

We kept Lachlan's diaper off over the holidays and it worked. He had a couple accidents but mostly he told us he had to go and went on the potty. He's basicly naked all the time now at home, though! I'm afraid if I put a pull up on he will just get lasy and stop telling us. But I did take him out a couple times this week and he did go on the toilet when I took him to try, even with a pull up on, so that was great.
I would say try postitive reinforcement (really making a big deal if he goes) along with a reward system like a sticker chart. Maybe that will get him interested in trying to go on the potty again.
Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Wait until spring/summer and let him play outside with no diaper. Less cleaning up

Jenny Adams said...

Haha.. thanks ladies for all your suggestions! Really appreciate the help. I know he can do it.. we may just have a mess house for a while! Such is life with a toddler, right?
Thanks again!

Jolene said...

Caiden seriously did the same thing and literally didn't get interested again until 3-3 1/2... I didnt push it or make it a big deal and then one day, he wanted to be like his Dad and started to use the potty and it was so much easier at that age cause he could communicate easier. Somebody once told me, "dont worry, no child ever starts school in a diaper." , it helped in realizing every kid gets there at different times. :)

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't worry too terribly long about it. Mommy is ready for Pavel to use the potty... but when Pavel is ready, he will just start doing it, on his own, and without cohersion or treats. He'll do it all the time. He'll do because he is ready. Right now, it's the easiest way for him to know people around him are paying attention, and reminder that his mom is paying attention - that's what 2 year olds do... find as many ways as possible to remind us they are in control ;-) But I PROMISE you, I've never seen a child in Kindergarden that is still in diapers, and Pavel won't be either ;-)

Jenny Adams said...

Haha.. thanks Anon.. you are so right. And he is so loving being in control. I don't want him to feel bad when he doesn't do it.. I think I will put it off for a few months. I don't need him to grow up any faster than he is! :(
Thanks again!!

Tracy said...

My advice would be to try again in a few months ... not weeks, MONTHS!! A good friend was training her son from age 2 to age 3, just after his 3rd birthday he decided he was done with diapers and took to the potty like a pro!! When he's ready, you'll know and it won't take weeks, it will take days! I also ready "How to Potty Train your Child in One Day", very good tips and tricks, although it took more like 3 days!!

Jenny Adams said...

Thanks Tracy,
That's what lots of moms and dads and Pavel's Ped have said as well. I don't want him to feel bad when he's not doing it for mommy, so I do think Im going to back off.. just got a little excited when he was so gung ho!!
Appreciate the advice!