Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2? Piece of Cake....?

Cool mom thing or not so cool mom thing? Round two.. bring it! I am SO ready for this again.

Wait. Really?

This train of thought is feeling quite familiar. Here's what has run through my head as of late:

'How hard can two be, no really?'

'Second baby, I've got it down now.. small learning curve, life should be back to normal after a few.. weeks, max. Right?'

'Can't wait to be finished work so I can relax!!!!'

And lastly...

'Seriously, how do new moms not have time to shower? That doesn't make sense to me'

I must remind myself what my inspiration was for writing this blog in the first place. Please click here to show you just how crazy that last statement is, hopefully you can't smell my dirty, puked on hair as you read the post!

How exactly is it THAT easy to forget what new mom life is like? Shouldn't I be terrified? I was terrified of two, all along since number one arrived. Somehow I've convinced myself it will be.. no problem!

Moms? Thoughts? Strategies for easiest transition ever?

Here are the things I'm worried about:

1) How on earth can I love someone else. Pavel already has all my mom love. I just don't see how it's possible to love another like I love him..

2) I don't want Pavel to be put out. I don't want him to think he's been replaced. He is so adorable right now, talking to my belly:
'Oh baby, I teach you basketball... Oh baby, do you like hot choc-o-late? I LIKE hot choc-o-late'
This week he wants a brother and he's planning on naming him ROSIE!!!! (With a fist pump courtesy of Auntie Jojo teaching him the coolness of a fist pump)
I just don't want him to be shocked when he realizes just what exactly a new baby means.

3) I'm super excited about cooking dinner every night. I love to cook. I also remember about six months in.. my feelings of resentment toward my husband. How is it my job to look after the kids and do all the chores?? I don't want a life full of chores! Why am I picking up your socks and putting your dishes in the dishwasher.. ? How do we avoid getting there again?

4) No signs of potty training success yet, Pavel is still sleeping in his crib. PLEASE let us have him trained in the next few months.. and should I get him a big boy bed, even though he's content in his 'cage'?

Okay. I have a lot of thoughts... any advice would be great.. as usual!

Now for an update on my little man.

Tennis Helmet - His new obsession. Along with a tennis racquet. He had to have them both. Obsessed. I'm not lying when I say.. we throw the ball, and he can hit it back with the racquet. He also has got 3 or 4 dribbles in a row down with the basketball. That's taken about a year's worth of practice with that basketball!

Sheldon and Pavel play sports non stop. Tennis, hockey, basketball, baseball... golf. I now see the difference between mommy love and daddy love. I could not play any of these sports for more than 3 minutes without trying to distract him because I'm bored. Daddy is fun.. mommy is snugly, lovey, reads good stories and tells great secrets. :)

We asked Pavel who his best friend is tonight. He said Jason!! (Uncle Jason) And Auntie Tanja and Pearl (the puppy).

Pavel and Nannie had a few days together while mom and dad went on a vacay. Nannie taught Pavel she couldn't  honk the car horn because 'cars get mad'. I'm with Pavel in the car last week. Another driver almost hits us.. I wail on the horn.
Pavel: 'hahahahahahaha Holy Moly mommy! That was a big horn!! hahahahah Be careful mommy, cars get mad! Nannie says, cars get mad!'

Sheldon is out of town. Pavel is in my bed with a yellow golf ball.
Pavel: I be careful mommy,  daddy's favourite ball. I draw happy face on it :)

This morning. Valentine's day. Of course I get mad at Sheldon for some silly reason and cry and go lock myself in the bathroom. Pavel was in our bed and when I come out (It wasn't overly dramatic, but there were a few tears).
Pavel: Mommy, mommy cry? Mommy you need susu? Baba? Here mommy, baba.
I tell him it's okay I don't need a soother or milk.
Pavel: Okay mommy, I kiss you.



Ps. I think I have jowls already. 18.5 weeks. Sigh
Showhome Parade shoot.. dress from My Filosophy!


Jaclyn said...


Thank you for writing this; I felt the EXACT same way. You are much better with words than I am. Here are my thoughts with my limited experience with two:

1) There is a place in your heart filled with all the love that new little babe will ever need....plus a bunch extra (including the kind of love that makes you paranoid, crazy and permanently worried). You'll discover it when you get your first glimpse of them. It won't overlap or compete with Pavel's love at all. All the love will get along just fine.

2) Pavel is already in love with his baby. Of course, there might be an adjustment, but he will love and protect the new baby just as you and Sheldon will. Think about all the fun times they are going to have playing all those sports together!!

3) Just embrace the chores and the fact that you're the one that will mostly be taking care of the kids. It's a tough adjustment for a hard working woman who's used to going to work and sharing the chores, but it's just how it is. Having a year of maternity leave is a blessing, but can also feel like a trap at times. Sometimes, just ditch the chores and go for a playdate instead. Just cause you may be the only one doing the chores, doesn't mean they have to be kept up every day.

4) Don't worry about the diapers or the beds. If they are tired, they'll sleep anywhere..and...It's not so bad having two in diapers....cloth was a good switch for us because i didn't feel so guilty dumping 2x as much on disposable diapers.

There's gonna be tears, but you'll find your groove quicker this time around. You're a great mom, and you'll love having a second!!
"Having kids is like playing football. Once you're down, it doesn't matter how many pile on" -Seinfeld.

Jenny Adams said...

Thanks J!!! I have tears.. you are so right. I am so excited.. I can't even wait. Thanks for writing, that's what I needed to hear!