Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Good Night

Tonight was a good night. Really good night.

There was no crying (After we found the lost golf tee in the truck). There weren't any slammed doors. No temper tantrums.

Just a lot of fun.

We practiced our stick handling, going across the living room and kitchen and around the chair.

We made fun drawings of Baby/Hattrick, Zebra and Teddy(The Cat).. oh and Rudolf. We also traced Pavel's feet a few times to show him how big they are!

We had a yummy dinner, and Pavel ate it all up! (Ham, rice, carrots and cucumber.. in case I forget what worked a few months from now!).

Finished it off with fruit smoothie before we had a game of basketball. (I play with a Volleyball to spice it up)

There were plenty of:

'Thank you mommy.' s
'Mommy, you want to play with me? We play hockey? We play basketball?' s
'Good Shot Mommy!!!'

There was a dance party in my room to a little LMFAO.

Snuggle time with a Brady Brady book.

We had to check in on the moon, and say hi to Nannie.. because we know she is always looking at the moon same time as us.. wherever she is :)

I thought I would serenade him with a little Twinkle Twinkle, but he insisted on his favourite tune instead.

O Canada. (Blame that on Hockey Night in Canada)

Nothing like honouring our great country to finish off a perfect family evening. (Almost perfect.. just missing daddy!)

Love you little one.



Last night my mom came over and helped me clean the whole house. The clutter was giving me anxiety. We did everything, top to bottom. Pavel was happy and helped us out. I love moms :)

We told Pavel he is having a little brother a few days ago. I said.. Pavel, you promise mommy you and your brother won't date any bimbos, only good wholesome girls with french braids and long skirts.

He says: 'No bimbos for you mommy! NO BIMBOS FOR YOU!'

Fine. ;)

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