Sunday, February 26, 2012

Short Fuse

Feeling terrible tonight/this weekend. How did I get such a short fuse?

My 2 year old just started with some MAJOR attitude this week.

'No mommy. YOU GET IT FOR ME.'
Door slams in my face.

Making more of a mess than usual everywhere. Hitting my plate when I'm eating. Crying when his tennis ball is up on the couch and not where he wanted it to go. Won't let me change him. Wants to golf ALL of the time. Won't eat very much.

For some reason, I can't handle it. I raise my voice - which I have tried so hard not to do his whole life and it has usually worked.. until now. I get frustrated. I put him to bed an hour before normal.

I had a little angel. He's done a 180 in the last week.

His teeth seem to be bugging him. He asked me for medicine for his mouth tonight. Is that it?
Is a new baby bothering him?
He seems to have caught a cold.

He's 2.

It's probably the last one. He's 2. He's pushing mom's boundaries.

Mom - Try not to get too worn out. Take a deep breath. Don't cry. Don't question your ability. Keep him busy. Make him eat. No room for nap allowances. Use time outs. Clean at the end of everyday.. not 15 times  day.

I just never wanted to be annoyed by my child. I know it's unrealistic.. but that sweet innocent baby.. I looked at him and thought, I will NEVER be annoyed at you. It's not your fault. You're just a little babe.

Sigh. I'm tired.


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