Friday, July 13, 2012

Time Goes By

One week until my due date. One week, give or take a few days/hours, until I start this process all over again! Baby brother is head down, bum up, bouncing on my bladder.. swelling up mommy's feet.. ready to make his entrance!

Time really does fly.
5 Weeks

39 Weeks
It wasn't too long ago that I was in this exact same boat, but with a little Pavel in my belly. We had just moved into our home in SW Edmonton.. we were renoing it from top to bottom, and I was excited.. so excited. The waiting began to feel like torture! When he finally arrived, 10 days late.. what a beautiful day that was, and a glorious start to this journey.

Funny enough, I'm not overly pumped for this little man to exit. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am. I can't wait to hold him and snuggle and introduce him to the best big brother and daddy team around. It's time to do this.. BUT, the difference is this time, I know what I've got myself into!

Labour was great.. but I'm dreading the nipple pain for the first few weeks. It's so hot out, how will my anxiety and hormones cope with this crazy weather? My mom won't be here this time :( My husband has to travel two weeks from now (SERIOUSLY).

Oh right, and I'll have a little teenager at home with me, who isn't going to like sharing his mommy.

I'm scared. I hope my hubby and I tackle this right.

So, I've been off work now for almost three weeks. It's so weird to just 'switch it off'. I was getting pretty uncomfortable at work, I'll admit, so it's great to be able to relax.. and my little man is keeping me busy.

Every morning - Mommy, you awake? Let's do stuff! Want to go to the hockey store? Home Depot? Let's go to Tim Portons and get black nothins!!! (Timbits.. no clue where he got the name from)
I roll over and we get up and head out the door. Getting out of the house is my saving grace. Every morning, we go somewhere.

We've found new parks, baseball fields, the library, Gaby's house (where he'd move in if I let him!), he's been playing with his little friends.. and meeting new ones.

Needed His Toes Done!

I ask him periodically if he'd like to go to Grandma's (the dayhome) or stay with mommy today.. always ' Stay with my mommy' with a big smile on his face.

He has been SO HAPPY. So excited to do things with mommy. It's been such a special time for us both.

Some of my Pavel memories right now:

Mommy, do you want to see my jumper? Daddy? You want to see my jumper too? (Then he runs from our room to his and JUMPS!!!!! and then asks us again if we are interested in viewing the amazing, death defying JUMPER!! lol)

The other day in the car:
P: Mommy, I'm a big boy, I'm bigger now
M: Yes Pavel, you are. You're getting bigger every day!
P: I need a motor bike then. It's not dangerous. It's not.

Someone loves to build and construct everything! Always has his tools out.. if it's not a sports stick/bat/glove of some sort.. then he is building away.

He has a few imaginary friends. The baby in his belly named George.. who comes and goes and has needed a fair amount of medicine from Mommy Doctor lately (?)
His friend Watter. It's not Walter, it's not Water.. I can't say it right, but he's around a lot. He does jumpers, he goes to Josh and Libby's house, he likes the zoo.. he eats Pavel's dinner and likes apple juice.
There are a few more that pop up.. Brady.. and Max and Ruby (too much tv time perhaps!?).. I'm hoping this isn't totally weird and is just a kid thing.

Pavel started soccer last week.. and tried out his big boy skates too! I cried getting him ready for both. Had to make sure he had his carbs for energy.. had his uniform on. His cleats. And off he went with daddy.

He's been a bit strange lately.. in the sense of all of a sudden becoming shy. Even around his grandparents. Wants his mommy, wants me to snuggle him (Ummm GLADLY!) Wants me to carry him (ummm not possible.. sorry love) and the attitude. Wow the attitude. But we won't end the post on that.. we'll leave it for a later date.

I think he's just a little off, knowing baby brother is coming. He asks to see pictures of baby brother. He helped build his change table.. and knows where his bed is next to mommy.
Pavel's Jaja (Sheldon's dad) said to him the other day while we were out walking - Look Pavel, there are two brothers riding their bikes together! Soon that will be you and baby brother!

Pavel looks at him with the dirtiest look: No Jaja, baby brother can't ride a bike.. he's TOO SMALL!!

Like duh, Jaja.

Well.. whether I'm in denial or not, the next post on this blog will come when I have another little angel in my arms. I'll be free to go for hours at a time without having to stop for ten pee breaks (but a few nursing breaks), my swollen circus feet will hopefully calm down so I can wear shoes again.. My bra size will be OUT OF CONTROL.. and my house will feel more complete.

Wake up mama.. life is about to change!

- Jenny

Canada Day!

Summer Fun with his Bestie

Pav: Mommy, do you think Gaby will play Frisbee with me?
M: Of course! If not, I will honey.. 
Pav: No mommy! Gaby is my best friend in the whole world! I want to play with her! 
M: Okayyyyyyy... lol

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