Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome to the Real World, Son

When Pavel was just 2 months old, my mom convinced me I should join Sheldon at the Olympics in Vancouver for just one night. One night away from my little precious baby. I changed my mind 10 times and then just booked it. Since I literally decided about 12 hours before I left, I tried my hardest to pump a few bottles for my (at that time) exclusively breastfed baby.. to no luck.
He'd have to have some formula for the 24 hours I was gone.

First Family Photo

First Christmas
This broke my heart. I remember sitting on my bed, trying out some formula on him, just in case he wouldn't take it.. but he did. At that moment, I wasn't all he needed anymore. He could survive without his mommy.. Until then, I was his food source, his life line. This was his first major step toward independence. I cried.

Olympic Break

Tomorrow my Pavel starts preschool. His first day of school. He hasn't stopped talking about it for weeks. He will be going to the same class as his little buddy Finn. Pavel has it in his mind that school consists of learning how to skate, play tennis and basketball. I swear we didn't tell him this.. and I don't have the heart to break it to him - I know he'll forget all about his plan when he realizes he'll get to learn to cook, do yoga, read, play with items found around the house.. and do it all by himself, without mommy or daddy's help. 
First Plane Ride

First Taste of Real 'Food'

I bought him a pirate lunch box and a robot water bottle yesterday for the special occasion. A thought flew through my head - I wonder if the kids will make fun of him for having a robot water bottle?
My heart sunk, and stomach lurched - oh no, the kids might make fun of him. Oh how kids can be so mean.

Welcome to the real world, my sweet sweet son.

Back up to last weekend. I knew deep down that Pavel would have to be potty trained for school, but because he was so adamantly against it and the new baby was coming late July.. I put it off. Every thing you read says, wait till he's ready.. don't try when there's a big change coming into his life.
Well, we were down to the wire now. Pavel's teacher insisted on him being potty trained and I knew him and I needed to have a real heart to heart.

First 'Standing' Moment

First Haircut

Pavel came home from his friend's house Saturday night and I sat him on my lap in his room.

'Pavel, I talked to your teacher today, she said that it's very important that you learn how to pee on the potty before school starts next week. No diapers allowed.'
Pavel was quiet and still and not distracted like he normally is. He was listening, digesting and then he gave me an honest response:
'But mommy, I don't know how to make my pees come out.'
My heart swelled.
'Don't worry my love, we'll practice and mommy will teach you.'

The next morning I had Pavel help me throw all his diapers in the garbage, he put on big boy undies without a fight and we started the process.
To my complete surprise, after 3 pee accidents on the floor and us running to the bathroom to try and make it on the potty - he got it.
All day long, he had to pee, he'd run to the bathroom and go. It felt too good to be true.
Since then (9 days now), we've had 2 pee accidents and none in the last 5 days. He doesn't wear diapers at night or at naps.. they're gone out of the house.**

I can't believe how proud I am of this little boy. He wanted something (school) and put his mind to a challenge that he'd either been afraid of, or holding against us as a power trip.. and did it.
No more diapers in this house.

Just. Like. That.

First Wedding
Pavel's best friend Gaby asked me last week..

'Auntie, how old is Pavel?'

I said, 'he's two Gabs..'

'Two! Two's just a baby'

That's what I thought too...

First Halloween

Pav, tomorrow is your first day of school! When I gave you your lunch box yesterday you ran around the house fist pumping yelling 'Oh ya, oh ya.. ya ya oh ya..' for a good five minutes. Daddy and I had tears in our eyes.
We've got your clothes all labeled, your indoor shoes ready to rock (Of course they are some limited edition pair of Jordan's daddy picked out for you a month ago..). Daddy took the afternoon off work to come and drop you off with me.
You are so confident and friendly, you'll make friends just fine. I hope that you'll be nice, that you'll listen and share.. that you'll help the shy boys and girls and stand up for yourself and what's right. There will be good days and bad and mommy will be at that door every day to pick you up, literally and figuratively.

I know it's only preschool.. but tomorrow my role changes yet again. He's only a few months shy of being 3 and he'll still needs his mommy - but in new ways. A new challenge for us both. I can accept this - I guess have to, in his mind, he's already there.

Love you to bits Pavel James. Can't wait to see the smile on your face in your 'First Day of School' picture.. stay tuned.


Pavel's School:
We feel so lucky that Pavel got a spot here. It's the only place we went to see, based on a friend's recommendation. He'll learn to cook, do yoga, learn about art and languages.. and be with some pretty amazing teachers.

** Potty Training
I used the 3 Day Potty Training Guide. Pretty simple concept and not as high maintenance as some of the method's I've read. It was $25 to download off of the internet and was worth every penny.

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