Monday, October 8, 2012

One Week

We have been so busy the last few weeks! Both at home and away.

Started by venturing on my first road trip with the boys to my dad's place out by Rocky Mountain House. It takes about 2 hours to get there and we just thought we'd go up for the day to visit.
Happy to report that both there and on the way back the boys were perfect. Lots of sleeping, no peeing in the car seat and Pav and I even had a dance party to one of the play lists in the truck.

Driving through Alberta's landscape in the fall is just breath taking. I wanted to take some pictures, but well.. I was driving, so I didn't. But I highly advise a road trip here if you haven't had the pleasure of venturing off of the QE2 in a few years.

We had a blast at my dad's. He actually took the day off of working which NEVER happens. Pav was pretty shy the last few times he's seen my dad and Val. Just a phase because him and my dad were off and running around the farm the second we got there!

Pav got to drive the golf cart, feed the donkeys and horses, ride in one of the big loaders, jump on the trampoline with uncle Mo, play some baseball, go for a walk to the creek with Granny and of course.. play with his best friend Willy! They were inseparable! 

ALMOST makes me want to get a dog, but not at all really!

The day flew by and before we knew it, it was time to make our way home... only to pack up and do it all over again two days later!

I gave myself all day to pack for me and the boys for a weekend in Calgary with Auntie Suzie and Uncle Lonnie. I started early. Pavel had school, so I had a valuable few hours to finish of the fourth load of laundry and put everything in piles (in Pavel's room), ready to be thrown into our bags to go.

Well, I pick him up from school at 3 and come home. Sasha won't stop fussing. Crying, hungry, crying, fussing.. I'm getting more and more stressed because I'm trying to get us ready. I snap at Pavel.. take a deep breath and take Sasha into my room to eat.. once again.

I'm feeling pretty defeated right now, it's like riding a bike and just spinning your wheels in mud. Never seeming to get any further.. and when you do, you get sucked back in.

I hear a bang from Pavel's room. I don't even care. I hear a toy box dump out. And then I hear a happy 2 year old playing. 

Here is what I found 

Pavel had decided he wanted to swing on the curtains - which ripped off the walls. Then he spread his toys all around the room, found his bulldozer and 'cleared' the laundry and packing piles. Now his room looks like someone had just broken into our house and trashed it!

I just started crying. Laying on the floor and crying. Why did I think going away would be easy and fun and enjoyable? lol I'm pathetic.

Sheldon came home and we decided to leave the mess and just get the F out of the house before my head exploded any more. 

As usual, we had an amazing time with our family. Our aunt and uncle just moved into a new condo, from the family home they had FOREVER. Many good family sleepovers and feasts took place at that home so we were all a little heart broken when they eventually sold it to downsize.

Life moves on, but yet it stays the same. We ate the same amazing food and felt totally spoiled, just this time we had a 16th floor view of the mountains, golf course and Calgary cityscape! Gorgeous place.

Baby Sash Calgary photo shoot.. see, he smiles!

Pav loves Sue and Lonnie. Lonnie and him are little buddies. One afternoon the three of them went for a walk to the park. After a while, Sheldon and I took out a pair of binoculars (Lonnie's) and searched for them. They were about 4 parks away from the condo and we could see Lonnie chasing Pavel for he had just found a baseball diamond! Oh no.. he loves those things.

We laughed.. until we saw him find a basketball court and saw him take off running to it.. again, there go Sue and Lonnie after him. Little monkey.

It was a great trip that included a visit with Bob the Builder, himself!

What Pavel Said:
Lonnie asked Pavel if he wanted to go for a walk to the grocery store to get some bacon for breakfast.
Pavel: Let's go to the park Uncle Lonnie!!
Lonnie: Hmmmm Pavel, I think the park is closed right now, too bad, I guess we'll go next time
Pavel (pauses to think): But Uncle Lonnie! The Park doesn't have a door!

Gotcha there Lonnie!

Pavel: (hanging out in Sue's room doing laundry) Auntie Suzie, you have big underwear!

Pavel!! lol Sue luckily has a good sense of humour!


We came home and headed straight to the football game.. at Pavel's request. It was a beautiful night to be outside. We saw Toopy and Binoo the next afternoon and followed that up with a park party with a bunch of friends! (Thanks Lucky!)

That was all in one week. Told ya.... we've been busy!

- Jenny 

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