Sunday, November 25, 2012

We Have a Three Year Old!!!

Wow. Just wow. Pavel is officially 3 years old.

He's only been asking us if it's his birthday for about the last nine months. So finally, the big day rolled around - or should I say big weekend. We had one excited kid on our hands! This year's birthday party was at our good friend's P&E's house. E, with the help of Nicky, made Pavel's birthday cake for the third year in a row. 

Amazing job ladies, I really have no clue how talent like this even exists.
If you're wondering, I was in charge of the hockey stick. Wasn't allowed to touch anything else!
The reason our player turned into a Bruin, was because our icing choices ended up being blue, yellow, purple and black. Not too many team choices there!

Of course it was a hockey themed party. Poor girls, wearing our jerseys. Just lots of friends and some family over to enjoy one giant play date!

Cousin Malcolm 

As it was Pavel's birthday, I was invited to spend circle time with him at school. This was very exciting for me as I haven't had the chance to see what actually happens at school! He got to lead the continents song, and wear a special cape as the kids sang 'The earth goes round the sun' 3 times for Pavel's third birthday! It was hilarious listening to all the little ones chatting to the teachers. When it was Pavel's turn to contribute something, he said in his deep manly voice and very quietly 'I just really wonder when the Oilers are going to start playing again.' LOL it was hilarious. To me. 

Pavel at Age 3

Our chatty boy loves his little brother so much. Often I'll come in the room and see Pavel on the bed with him telling him stories, or showing him the iPad. It's really quite adorable. Of course, any toy that Sasha has (which is like 2 out of the 1000 things here), Pavel instantly has to have. Should be interesting when Sasha gets a little older and wants to do more than just drool and grab the odd toy!

Sasha likes to grab Pavel, he can't help it really.. but it's a fun game we laugh at Pavel and I

Pavel is getting really good at colouring. He amazes me how well he tries to stay in the lines, and just how well he is actually managing to do it! Every day he comes home from school with a painting or a craft. At school he's allowed to pick what he wants to do every day.. and it's always art. I especially love these two: Tiger Woods and Hockey. He's naturally gifted like his father, no?

We have ourselves a little back talker. This is not fun.

I especially love when Pavel and I have alone time. Either a trip to the grocery store, a stop for some fries, going to watch some hockey - he is amazing when it's just the two of us. Such a good boy.
Keeping fit in the winter - Indoor Tennis! 

A picture we sent to dad to remind him to pick up his socks!!!!

Always on the hunt for some random ball.. This was 'UNLCE JEREMY'S GOLF BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''

Tonight for the first time since at least a month before Sasha was born, Pavel decided he wanted to stay at Nana and Jaja's house! Alone, without us! Nana and Jaja were so excited. They went and bought him new jammies, and a sweater to wear under his coat to help hang Christmas lights outside. I guess Jimmy said how great it was to have him over and how it was such a nice break for Nana and Jaja to play with Pavel all day. Pavel responded:

'Yup, a nice break for mom and dad too.'
Pavel missed the toilet while peeing at Nana and Jaja's.. Top Dressed! 

And it was, but you know, I missed him! I did. And he eventually called and wanted to come home. Was there almost all day though.. not a bad start!

It's an interesting age. He sleeps in a big boy bed, is potty trained, talks like an adult.. in many ways, he's like and adult - but he isn't. And we forget that when we're talking to him. We get frustrated because we forget he's still just a little boy!

A little boy who would never be caught dead being called a little boy. Big boy only! A little boy who reminds me to brush his teeth if I do forget (I'm the tooth brushing sergeant in the house!) My little boy who still loves to read stories and snuggle mommy more than he ever has in his whole life. My little boy who likes to play the guitar, and play trains.. and to use mommy as a target for all his different sports training. (Why did I teach him how to play tennis in the house off the bedroom wall again??) My little boy who insists on knowing everyone's address and which type of store everything was bought from: Where did my jammies come from? What kind of store? What about the flashlight? What kind of store?

Actual Birth Day with Mommy and Daddy

Now that we have Sasha, I'm reminded of what it was like when Pavel was a baby. I can't believe how much I've forgotten already. My little sweetheart.

Birthday gift from Mom, Dad Nana and Jaja.. 

Happy Birthday Pavel James! We love you so so so so much!



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