Saturday, November 24, 2012

Words of Wisdom Today

'Life seems tough right now because you have two children who are dependant almost completely on you, one who actually is - in reality, this is one of life's greatest gifts.'

Start thinking big picture. This isn't forever.. it's such a short period in our lives. Embrace the frustation. Bite your tongue. More hugs, more kisses. Just breathe. There is no perfection of motherhood. We all struggle. It's our job to love, to provide a life for our children that exceeds ours.. don't let our shortcomings become generational. Just breathe.


We're all doing a great job mamas. We aren't supposed to be perfect or never get frustrated. It's normal to feel lost, to get down, to be tired... (Hey, it's Saturday.. STOP Cleaning! It's your day off too!!)

These little stinkers love us so much and it's crazy how much we love them... that's what matters.

Give yourself a hug today. xx

** On repeat on my iTunes today: Ave Maria, Beyonce.**

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