Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Wonder

I wonder..

What will my newest little man look like?
Will the experience be just like the amazing journey I had with Pavel?
Could it ever even stand a chance to be as special?

How will I feel toward this new person in our family.. Will I love him as much?

I wonder how my Pavel will handle his little brother.
Will he be happy?
Will he be put out?
Will he put on a front and inside be just devastated that he's not mommy's One and Only anymore?

I wonder if in time he'll be thankful that mommy and daddy gave him a little brother. Someone to play sports with and to torture.. to tell secrets to.
Maybe deep inside he's getting bored of mommy and just can't wait to have a new little friend.

Will baby brother be shy? Will he laugh and play jokes.. like his big brother?

It's just so hard for me to picture another. What life will be like. Another completely different little baby boy, with a personality and look all of his own.

I know the moment I see my newest little man look up into my eyes.. that I will laugh when I read this post back. I am sure I'll write many posts to dispute my thoughts right now.

Uh oh. I wonder if he'll hate sports?


I am getting SO excited. So very excited. 7 weeks and change until he's in my arms.

I hope I can be a good mommy to two. I know I am to one. I think I can do it. I promise to try not to compare.. is that even possible?

An amazing chapter in my life is coming to a close.. and the next one.. it looks even brighter.

Let's do this little man!


Mommy x 2

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pavel Stories 2.5

Tonight some Pavel stories.. before I forget them. 
We escaped daddy in clothes that don't match! Ha!

Two weeks ago I finished a huge (ten month) project at work. Career high for me. Life changer for one lucky 18 year old.
Went home, had a nap and then went and picked up my Pavel.

I was carrying him (yes I know, not a good idea at then 30 weeks pregnant) and he said to me
'Mommy, I love you so much. I'm so proud of you'
Right out of the blue. I'm sure he'd heard me say it to him so many times but he knew I could use it in that moment.

He's also been on a 'Mommy, you're so pretty...' kick. Not sure who told him to tell me that, but thank you. Thank you very much.
I hear it a lot lately, as he knows it melts my heart. Last night was a variation.
'Mommy, you have lots of teeth - you're soooo pretty.'

Thanks kid! xo

Pavel has wanted to call baby brother George from the beginning. He's never given another name (besides Hockey Net Pietrzykowski). He gets mad when I suggest other names..'No mommy, I said George!' or 'I LIKE George!'.
He snapped one day when I suggested some random name like.. let say Mark.

'Mommy. YOUR baby Mark, (lifting up his shirt now and pointing at his belly) MY BABY GEORGE!'

Okay that was settled.

So tonight he was playing in bed and Sheldon went upstairs to see why he wasn't falling asleep.

P: 'Oh daddy, I just can't sleep'
D: 'Why not Pavel, what's going on?'
P:'It's George, daddy, he's playing in my belly. Keeping me up. He's playing soccer.'
D: 'Oh, okay.. George, no more soccer okay.. time for sleepies'
P:'Thank you Daddy. George, daddy says mo more soccer, okay?'

I laughed so hard when he told me this.
31 Weeks with 'George' ?
Getting Baby Brother's Shoes in Order

I went on a girl's trip this past weekend to Scottsdale. When I'd call Pavel, he wouldn't talk to me. I think he was mad. Every time mommy came on the phone, he'd turn into his KittyBrat persona. Only meows for mommy while she's away.. having fun.

Pav with His Bestie, Checking out out Chicks on a Friday Night.  The Next Generation

Pavel is addicted to sports. Every sport. Right now he's on a baseball kick. He has a t-stand set up in the backyard but it getting pretty good when you pitch it to him too. He loves his bright yellow practice softball mommy got for him.
He loves tennis.
And he of course loves street hockey.

Pavel, you never stop talking - ever. From the moment you wake up.. we are always chatting. You especially like to chat to your nannie and nana. Boggles our mind what you guys talk about for so long.
This weekend nana is taking you to go buy her bedding plants with her.. and you are excited.
I think you like the dirt!

You beg us to be outside in the backyard.. practicing whatever sport you can get your hands on.

You hit yourself in the head with your golf club this weekend.. and when daddy tried to console you, I guess you said.. I need my mommy..

I shouldn't get such a kick out of that!

Okay Pavel.. those are my quick memories of late for now. I have the keep them coming on this blog. Mommy isn't too smart lately.

Love you to bits.


Ps. How about you try out your big boy bed one night? And still no potty hey? Okay..