Sunday, December 30, 2012

5 Years

Memories. One of my most valued possessions.

I woke up this morning and kept my eyes closed. I was brought back to this day, five years ago.
I was in my old house in Bonnie Doon. My last night as a single woman was spent trying to stay up late and re-watch Love Actually for the 473rd time with my maid of honor, Becky, and fight off the excitement of the next day to come.

One more heavy eyed blink, and just like that, it was here.

'It's the day! It's the day!' Becky and I yelled to each other before excitedly hopping out of bed and discussing the first thing on our day's agenda - the coffee run.

I remember the champagne that sprayed all over the kitchen - and some that landed in our orange juice glasses.
I remember my roommate Nick being there. He helped with the coffee run, he helped calm our nerves.. just being silly Nick.
I remember the hairspray. SO. MUCH. Hairspray (we had our hair and makeup done in my living room.. was so nice!)
I remember putting the dress on, and feeling so fancy with my winter white wrap, and oh so high heels.

Sheldon and I had decided that a small, intimate ceremony is what we had envisioned for ourselves. We chose a quaint restaurant downtown Edmonton to get married in - il Portico. The ceremony was by candlelight in the wine cellar and the reception took place immediately after, upstairs in the restaurant.
We were lucky enough to have Sheldon's mom help us with the decor.. it didn't need too much.

Just him and me, and 52 of our closest friends and family.

Stephane sang and Aaron played Hallelujah as I walked down the aisle.
I had to walk on my tip toes to see Sheldon over his dad's head..
The room was in tears as Sheldon read his hand-written vows to me.

In those moments, I felt so loved. I still do.

And then, well, we're not sure what happened.
After the ceremony we headed across the street to the newly opened Matrix Hotel for our photos. We were gone for just about an hour while our guests enjoyed drinks and appetizers. When we returned.. they were tipsy. All of them. It wasn't quite yet 7pm.

There was laughing, there were tears, there was dancing.. all before the music, speeches and dinner had even began.

To be honest, there wasn't a more perfect way to start off the party.

I've been thinking about our wedding all day. It's hard to believe it's been five years. They happened, just like that.

And at the same time, so much has happened in those five years.. Two moves, two children, lots of vacays, a lot of opportunities to get to know each other even better. So many more valuable memories created that I hold so close.

Sheldon has always been 'the one' for me. I've been wrapped around his finger pretty much since the night I met him at a bar when I was 19.
It took another 4 years before we actually started dating seriously.

Deep down I knew that if I didn't marry Sheldon Pietrzykowski, he'd most likely always be somewhere in the back of my mind.

His best friend, who introduced us, tells me Sheldon said I was the girl he was going to marry that same night we first met.

We are a great match. He knows how to calm my crazy. He thinks I'm beautiful (even if he doesn't always think I'm stylish). He somehow has the ability to be balance being ambitious and driven all while keeping his family first priority. He teaches me things, daily. He knows I'm funny.. We motivate each other. We eat crappy food together.. and most recently, we've learned how to tackle tough times together.

We're still learning to talk more and create moments for each other in our busy lives. We're remembering the importance of holding hands, and hugging. I'm learning to have patience while I wait for him to find the perfect shoes/hat/coat for our Starbucks run. Although, I can't blame him really, his attention to detail and understanding of the value of first impressions shines though in everything he does. (and yes, he has better hair than at least half of my girlfriends.. just ask them)

Have I mentioned he is an amazing father? The. Best. Dad.

Having an anniversary right after Christmas is hard. We're sick of eating, we're fat. We've spent the pennies in our bank accounts, we've exhausted our family time and babysitters.. Both of us are sitting on the couch together as I type this. Me in my red housecoat, him with his latte in hand, surfing the net. There's football on the TV and the boys are upstairs in their bed.

A typical night in the Pietrzykowski household. No fancy dress, no fancy heels, rarely a party atmosphere..

He looks at me and genuinely says, 'It's crazy to think that life is just going to get better from here. How could it get better than this?'

I honestly don't think I can answer that.*

Happy fifth anniversary honey.. let us be blessed with many more memory making years together.. xoxoxo


* I mean it. Cherish each day as it is.. and not how you think it could be better. A lesson we've learned this month..
** Wedding photos taken by Andrea at