Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oilers Adventure

Today I saw the world through the eyes of my three year old boy. A boy who has no clue what a lockout is or that there even was one.

For all he knows, the Oilers have been golfing for a very long time.

Yesterday I let Pavel know that him, Sasha and I would be heading to the Oilers training camp practice today. He seemed quite thrilled that it was finally time to watch hockey again. I had no clue.

When he woke up this morning, he ran into my room and woke Sasha and I up by yelling:

"Mom!! Let's to to the Oilers game, get up, let's go!"

By the time I rubbed the sleep sand out of my eyes, the kid already had his jammies off and was in his closet trying to find his "dark" Oilers jersey. (This is the same kid who says he doesn't know how to dress himself.. bet he's going to be sad that he revealed the truth to mom today!!)

After breakfast we hopped in the car and headed on what I think must have seemed like the longest ride ever for him. He asked me at least 13 times if we were at the Oilers game yet.

Walking into Rexall, the ushers gave us packs of hockey cards. Pavel later proclaimed to me:

 "Mom, that sure was a nice man who gave me the hockey cards, hey mom?"

Pavel of course had to bring a hockey stick and puck with him as he insisted that he was going to get to play today. He was the talk of the popcorn line with all his Oilers chants and cheers while practicing his stick handling.
Pavel and Dylan
Just sitting in the stands was hilarious. Watching him, as he sat there with his bag of popcorn, watching the team, cheering, smiling from ear to ear.. shoveling that popcorn into his mouth. Just so happy. So purely happy to be experiencing those moments. 

We've taken Pavel to four or fives actual games in the last few years. I can remember once last year, one of my friends that worked for the team let us stand a few feet away from where the players come out of the dressing room. It was just Pavel and I standing there, I was crouched down with him looking up at those giant hockey players. Dressed in orange and blue. Taller than tall with their skates giving them some extra height. Fans cheering.

It was exciting. He was excited. His excitement... it was contagious.

Pavel loves hockey. He loves sports. He thinks one day he'll play in the NHL or on the PGA or in the MLB - who knows what he'll put his mind to, but for now, he can enjoy the simplicity of it all.

It was such an awesome mommy day. Treating him to something so special that made him so happy. As we walked back to the car, there was only one moment of sadness for my little man.

"Mom! Taylor (Hall) didn't get a chance to see me!" His bestie missed out.


Kid's never stood a chance!

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