Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sweet Sash

Dear Sasha,

You are almost seven months old. A few days shy! Time has gone by fast, but at the same time, not at all. I am enjoying these moments of you growing and changing, we're having more fun each and every day.

I have to say that this age may be my favourite age. You are always so happy to see me, you light right up when daddy comes home, you love your brother, (you can't move away from one spot! Ha), and you are oh so curious.

People always talk about their children and their different personalities. I really didn't know what they meant up until a few months ago. Wow, you are so different than your brother was at this age!

First of all, you are tough. Not that Pavel was not tough, but you get bonked a little more than Pavel did or does, and you rarely cry. Maybe a deep breath and a sigh, like you're saying "Oh brother, you just wait until I can move from this spot and tell mom that I was just 'looking for my puck' when I push you off your favourite pillow!", but rarely tears.

 You are quite intense. You want everything that brother or mommy does. If you can't reach it, you'll leap for it, or grab it right from our hands! You want to stand, always. You want to walk even. If I just hold your hands up, you'll start taking steps. Today I fed you some toast. Dry toast, but you just picked it right up and started chewing. I can't put you near my lap when I'm eating or everything on the table goes flying until it's in your grasp!

The boys with your two babies - both named Hattrick!

Pavel makes you laugh. He loves to be right in your face and this drives mommy CRAZY, but you seem to like it. He tickles your belly, or jumps up and scares you and you laugh and laugh. It's the best when you're both in bed at night, each yammering away to yourselves.. sounds like you're talking to each other about some fantastic plan you think you can get away with behind mom and dad's backs.. soon enough, soon enough. I have a feeling you may be a little mischievous boy, my little lip biter. Is that why you're alway biting your bottom lip? Creating your next master plan?

I feel bad that you and I don't get to spend as much alone time together as Pavel and I did. That's obviously never going to happen, but I try my best to squeeze it in. Perhaps that's why I've squished you in your bassinet by me for so long.. just the odd night now, but I like having you close at night time. I love your snuggles.

Have I mentioned yet how much you like to talk? Oh boy, mom and dad are in for it when the words start flying from your mouth. Two chatty Cathys.. just our luck. We'll never get a word in edge wise. :)

Happy almost seven month birthday sweet son. You are such a joy to have in our family. The perfect addition. Mom and dad are pretty lucky to have two sons like we do.

Love you,


Ps. Sorry I fed you sweet potatoes and peas and you were so disgusted you gagged numerous times and then threw up all over yourself. Sorry. We'll try again tomorrow. Hehehe.

First bath together.. you look like you think I'm crazy putting you in there with him!!

Pavel's two favourite things... his baseball, and you!

Someone loves to hold you right now, you, not so much!


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Risidore Family said...

Remember that time I thought pavel looked more like you than Sheldon? Well sasha definitely looks more like you. So cute. I can't believe time is going by so fast!! Xoxo