Saturday, March 2, 2013

So. Sleepy.

This mommy needs a sleep break. One, 24 hour period where I don't have to do a thing. Not answer any questions about how to make dinner or do laundry or bath someone (common sense says.. you'd find a way if I wasn't here to answer your questions!).. 24 hours to only lift my arms to read and eat and pay for my spa treatments.
I want uninterrupted sleep. I deserve this right? It's been 32 weeks of not having a good night's sleep. It gets better, then it gets worse. Right now we're at the "it's worse" stage.
(Five times last night.. whaaaa? Sasha.. eat, okay? During the day, not at night when you're sleeping and I trick you into eating.. or you trick me into thinking I'm tricking you - wait, I think that's probably it.)

I told myself months ago I was going to fake having the flu.. I seriously just haven't gotten around to it! I'm going to do it though (Sheldon, if you're reading this, stop now.. don't mess up my plan of you taking care of me like I'm a baby while I'm "sick"). Okay.. before the end of March - somehow I'm getting 24 hours to myself!!!!!!!!

Or maybe in April. That's more like it.


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