Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We're Moving!

Safeway... I am going to miss you. You and all your airmiles, paying for my gas. The daily trips, the comfort I feel walking down your ailes.

Walking - oh walking paths, I miss you already. We really have made miles on you and your winding roads especially to...

The Park! Oh no, the park. We love this park. Both of our babies have grown up playing on you, Park. You are great for all ages and always full of kids and moms and nannies and dads and grandmas and grandpas and dogs. Thank you for being part of so many wonderful memories. It amazes me watching Pavel rip down your slides and across your treacherous climbing areas. The little red car, the big stone boulder.. it's been great.  (Mail us that plastic nail of Pavel's if you find it? Pav asks about it every time we go, still)

Our house. The house we've raised our children in. The door that welcomed in the new born baby boys with both arms. The window from our room I spent many nights staring out, soothing a little one.. (being kind of scared that a Death Eater may come floating down the path behind us, lit perfectly by the orangey street lamps). We've spent many happy memories with loved ones here. It's the house that Sheldon's dad knew. The last place we've cooked him dinner or had a beer with him. We love our closets. We love our neighbours... oh man, here come the tears.

We're moving. It's true. I'm sad. Clearly. But I'm also terrifyingly excited for the next chapter.

Tonight is our last night in this home we've had for the last four years. I love where I live and have recruited almost anyone I know to come join us in this fabulous neighbourhood.

As families expand, and our needs change.. we started to look for more. And our hearts fell in love with a new location close to many of our friends, central, and within walking distance to schools.

I'm going to miss this place. I'm in disbelief right now (Our neighbours:. Ayako -  who drops of delicious home cooked baking and meals constantly, shovels our walks, drops off garden veggies, takes Pavel on dates.. who has become a friend and great dinner company.. And Kim and Tylor, bah.. I can't think about it. It's hard. You become friends, but you know in your heart of hearts it won't be the same. No more impromptu bbqs. No more sitting on the porch having a beer on a whim while we cut grass or trim flowers. No more running across three driveways to give Pavel a huge high five and make him feel like a million bucks..It's just not the same. Good friends, good people are hard to find.)

Thanks Ambleside for all the love. We'll be back to visit. And to clean the house before your new owners come. We'll drive by this house every so often I'm sure.. I can see myself now, eyes closed in the passenger side, asking the boys if they remember where they played hockey in the drive-way, their bedroom window that they both shared, running from room to room and back and forth, remembering these "good old days", and reminding myself how fast time flies.. and how we need to enjoy them while they last..

On to the next.

Ambleside Park (Photo credit amblesidewindermere.ca) 

I'd post lots of memory photos, but we still have so much to do before the movers come in the am! Must get to work. Exciting exciting exciting, tears tears tears! Bahhhhh.

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