Sunday, October 20, 2013


Life! What a wonderful weekend.

It was full of life.

Skating lessons, haircuts, grocery shopping (three times, when will I ever learn to make a list??), family dinners, raking leaves, making pancakes and drinking coffee while the boys play hockey down the hall.

(Do you know how many people stopped us as we were doing yard work today to tell us just how great of care Oz took of our home? A lot. People here are so friendly. And they loved Oz!)

It was a perfect weekend. It's funny how the simple simple things can make you just so happy.

Bursting with happiness. Perhaps I'm still overly thrilled about waking up to my view and the big old trees as well. I'm definitely still smiling because of this. Maybe it's because we've just been so crazy busy over the last three months. I want routine!

Friday night we went to a family dance for Pavel's playschool. Oh my, it was so adorable. I couldn't stop laughing at how cute these kids are! I wish I had more pictures but they were all too busy running around with their balloon swords and eating as much chocolate as physically possible.

We walked down with the Mains. Why not? Such a beautiful fall night. Five kids in tow.

Love. Love. Love.



Sasha - whoa your words are exploding! Thank you, cheers!, no more, NO!, toast, banana, night night, bye bye, more... and you understand so much of what we are saying.
Pav - you love school. You love your friend Finn!! You love ninjas.. Ugh. You are making me a crazy!

Sasha checking out the crazy kids at the dance

Ready to hit the ice at Pavel's skating class


At the dance with Mommy

Not doing well, at the Stollery with Nannie.. 

With Queen Harper!

Crazy Pav.

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