Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oilers Adventure

Today I saw the world through the eyes of my three year old boy. A boy who has no clue what a lockout is or that there even was one.

For all he knows, the Oilers have been golfing for a very long time.

Yesterday I let Pavel know that him, Sasha and I would be heading to the Oilers training camp practice today. He seemed quite thrilled that it was finally time to watch hockey again. I had no clue.

When he woke up this morning, he ran into my room and woke Sasha and I up by yelling:

"Mom!! Let's to to the Oilers game, get up, let's go!"

By the time I rubbed the sleep sand out of my eyes, the kid already had his jammies off and was in his closet trying to find his "dark" Oilers jersey. (This is the same kid who says he doesn't know how to dress himself.. bet he's going to be sad that he revealed the truth to mom today!!)

After breakfast we hopped in the car and headed on what I think must have seemed like the longest ride ever for him. He asked me at least 13 times if we were at the Oilers game yet.

Walking into Rexall, the ushers gave us packs of hockey cards. Pavel later proclaimed to me:

 "Mom, that sure was a nice man who gave me the hockey cards, hey mom?"

Pavel of course had to bring a hockey stick and puck with him as he insisted that he was going to get to play today. He was the talk of the popcorn line with all his Oilers chants and cheers while practicing his stick handling.
Pavel and Dylan
Just sitting in the stands was hilarious. Watching him, as he sat there with his bag of popcorn, watching the team, cheering, smiling from ear to ear.. shoveling that popcorn into his mouth. Just so happy. So purely happy to be experiencing those moments. 

We've taken Pavel to four or fives actual games in the last few years. I can remember once last year, one of my friends that worked for the team let us stand a few feet away from where the players come out of the dressing room. It was just Pavel and I standing there, I was crouched down with him looking up at those giant hockey players. Dressed in orange and blue. Taller than tall with their skates giving them some extra height. Fans cheering.

It was exciting. He was excited. His excitement... it was contagious.

Pavel loves hockey. He loves sports. He thinks one day he'll play in the NHL or on the PGA or in the MLB - who knows what he'll put his mind to, but for now, he can enjoy the simplicity of it all.

It was such an awesome mommy day. Treating him to something so special that made him so happy. As we walked back to the car, there was only one moment of sadness for my little man.

"Mom! Taylor (Hall) didn't get a chance to see me!" His bestie missed out.


Kid's never stood a chance!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Seriously Cute, No?

The brothers love sports


Bed in a bed

I'm hungry mom!

Let me hold Brother!
My boys

I'd like a Grande Pike pls mom!

Pavel's Photography

I posted this a few months back when Sasha first arrived. Can I just say how much I love that little babe. I was worried that it couldn't be the same as with Pavel and I didn't want him to miss out on a special bond with me. For all you moms who are worried right now.. don't. They don't lie when they say your love just grows. It is very possible to love another little being just as explosively as the first.

- Jenny

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back to Reality

Husbands: Do NOT repeat this at home

My husband walks through the door at 6pm after a day at work. Walks directly into the living room, doesn't say hi, doesn't engage in conversation.. just starts tidying the living room. Putting toys away. Folding the blanket. Organizing.

I'm standing there. It's slow motion. Every minute I'm becoming more and more deflated, and more angry.

Husbands - do you know what this signals to your wife and the mother of your child? The wife and mother of your child who spent her day like this:

- Wake up with the kids. Make coffees/lattes/steamed milk for all members of the household except the baby. Breakfast.
- Make cupcakes with Pavel. He likes to crack the eggs and he helped make the colour for the icing.
- Had a play date at our house with a friend and her two boys. Pavel hadn't seem him forever.
- Put little one down for a nap.
- Make homemade vegetable minestrone soup. Clean kitchen.
- Have gf over for lunch to discuss our child care and play school situation that we are working on to start Feb 1.
- Clean up from lunch.
- Pavel goes to a friend's house.. mommy and Sasha walk to Safeway (in the winter, with a stroller, over mounds of snow.. wasn't easy) to get some fresh air and grab a birthday card.
- We get home, jump in the car, pick up Pavel and drop off cupcakes and bday card for a good friend of ours.
- Come home, do two loads of laundry. Start supper. Bath Pavel. Finish Supper.

Husband walks in.

So you're pissed I didn't get to cleaning the living room AGAIN. Don't make me tell you what I think of this.

In our circumstance, I was so exhausted, I just went to bed. I woke up the next morning and called my husband to explain my feelings (I'm sure he just LOVES those phone calls) and he actually apologized.

It didn't have to be a big fight and it wasn't.. but these are the little things that are hard about staying at home with the kids!! I felt great about my productive day and I could have let that 5 mins of his behaviour demolish that. It did for that night.. but I woke up and moved on.

Besides, someone wanted his homemade, half pump, three shot, vanilla latte... ;)


This year was a little strange. Well, very strange. I don't want to get into the details now, I'm not ready for it yet.. but sadly, we lost Sheldon's father, Pavel's Jaja, Shirley's best friend, on December 13th to a heart attack. Totally unexpected. Totally devastating.

We are sad. More to come at a later date.

So, things were different this year. A lot of family was here. We had both our mother's stay over night on Christmas Eve. There were too many gifts to count - perhaps a little emotional spending?

Pavel is just at the perfect age for Christmas. When they talk about Christmas magic.. well this is it. Between Slapshot, our Elf on the Shelf keeping him in line, all the Christmas movies we watched (Arthur being our favourite!!), and just talking about Santa and Rudolph and singing carols.. it was just magic.
Making Cookies with Nannie

Santa Letter - Pavel loves to tell people to Drive Safe!
Morning!!! Was Santa Here??

Wake Up Brother!!!

The measuring tape trail Santa left from Pavel's room to his gifts!

Nana Shirley with the Boys
There was a lot going on for Sasha. Too much. His sleep was off.. but he was good. Just a little overwhelmed. He is adorable right now too. I just kiss him non-stop!

New Years Day - Nannie with her Grandsons
So Pavel hops up on his little table the other night, which he does when he wants to stand nearly as tall as us to talk, and he tells us he has bad news. You may recall that while I was pregnant, Pavel had his own baby, George, in his belly. Well George still hasn't been born! He's still there and Pavel talks about him every so often. He's part of the family.

P: Hey guys, I've got some bad news (He says Hey Guys all the time now. In his deep Pavel voice of course)
Us: Oh no Pavel, what's up?
P: It's George, he's not coming tonight after all. (earlier in the day he had proclaimed George was coming after dinner when Pavel had french fries.. we were all prepared for a new little baby!!)
Us: Oh no.. why not?
P: He's on three adventures. Tonight he has yoga.

So no George for us.
Our handsome boys.. 

Sasha. Our little determined baby. He gets this look in his eye when he sees a toy he just has to have. He's very motivated, very determined.

He started sitting at his five month birthday. He'll sit for 15 mins at a time. I'm still leery about letting him sit in the bath or on the hardwood of course, but he just loves sitting up and being part of the action.

He has out grown his diary intolerance it seems, which is a relief! So hard not to be eating dairy. I would forget all of the time. Not to mention.. I want to give him the odd bottle of formula and the hypoallergenic stuff smells so bad that I can't even stomach making a bottle, let alone giving him some to drink! Poor kid.

He wants to eat real food SO bad. He is constantly grabbing my fork, grabbing food off my plate. He opens his mouth every time I do to take a bite. Soon. Next week in fact! Look out house.. smelly diapers are just around the corner! Yuck.

And last thing.. his sleep. I finally found the Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child book I used with Pavel. There were just a few tips in the book I forgot - like, how long to leave him for naps, getting him outside in between naps. When to get him for night wakings. Let's just say.. last week I was waking up 5 or 6 times a night.. Last night he slept from 7pm-4am and then back down till 8. Hurrah!

To the other mothers out there - Everyone you know will try (inadvertently) to get you and your baby off their sleep schedule. To go out, to play with the baby.. most don't understand the rule: the more they sleep, the more they'll sleep! (But why does that make sense.. they'll sleep more if they're tired! Keep them up! Skip a nap! Grrrrrr) It's not anyone's fault.. We know our babies best.. and I've learned again - it's just NOT worth it to mess with the sleep schedule. It will pay off big time if you stick to it!

Sasha's five month stats: 16 pounds, 1 ounce (75th percentile) 25 inches (50th percentile)

2013 is my year! I'm excited. I'm motivated. I'm scared. I'm feeling good. I'm putting my family first. I'm drinking green drinks! I'm going to have better posture! I won't let myself chicken out!

More to come..