Sunday, January 5, 2014

Every Night..

Every night.. without fail. I stop and check on you in your beds. At least once. Maybe more. Without fail, if I think of you at night, I MUST ensure you're still breathing.

And then.. I can't stop but stare. I snuggle you while you snore.

Sasha.. some nights you rest your head on mama's shoulder, when I selfishly pick you up in your sleepy slumber to breath in your sweetness. Other nights you get mad and fling yourself backward toward your bed violently. Not letting Mama disturb you.

Pav.. I play with your hair. Sometimes you wake and talk to me in your sleep. Your one eye goes a bit wonky. I melt. I'm so glad you still have Baby.

I just love love love my family so much. I am so lucky. I can't help but feel warm and fuzzy inside as I walk away and let you dream in peace.

Love you to bits.


Ps. I know I owe you a holiday post. Coming imminently.

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