Friday, January 24, 2014


Pavel - tonight we went to Farrah's third birthday party. It was a dance party.

You, me, Sash and Dad have been having nightly dance parties lately (Your faves are Timber, Roar - Katy Perry, and of course... the alligator in Counting Starts - One Republic), so you were totally prepared for tonight.

We got you and Sash new kicks. And you INSISTED on the rest of your attire.

Black skinny jeans, a grey v-neck tshirt and a blazer with a Yankees hat. All you were missing was a gold chain dude! (I mean that in a roll my eyes kind of way!) Did I mention that you rubbed a candle all over yourself? To smell good?

You sure love to dance and think all the moves mommy has taught you are cool - hehe. I think they're soo cool too.

Love you Pav. You killed it tonight.


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