Monday, February 3, 2014

2013 Holiday Post

A little late..

A holiday season of lots of parties! Festival of Tress with my friend Jenn

Look out Pinterest Princesses! I'm basically a hostessing genius. 

Boston Lobster Bake!

Pav loves when I send pictures like this.. 

Spent the first week of December in Boston. Getting a little luck at Harvard!

We MAY have snuck into a classroom. We were high on chalk dust!

Here is Sash and his favourite holiday friend - NO MAN!!

Our party animal ready for the Snowflake Gala with his date Cameron. 

Party Time!

Family Shot. Great night with the Allards!
This picture about sums up the love that bursts from my heart lately.

Watch out. The first annual 'hood early Christmas dinner party produced plenty o blackmail pics!

Thanks to Olivia and the Milroys.. we had our very own sleigh ride down Candy Cane Lane!

Uncle Wanye provided some pretty sweet gifts for the boys.. 

Uncle Jason may get Coolest Uncle Ever award. Skating with the Oil.

Christmas Eve! Mommy got to host BT with Ryan.. and the boys!

I love Christmas!

Happy kids!

Oh man... the Pietrzykowski's came to party! 17 ppl slept over that night! So fun

New Year's Even Limo ride? Say what? We live near some pretty sweet party planners!

First sledding adventure.

It was a pretty busy December! So much fun. xox

And just because.. my little one:





Tired and Happy.

Sheldon and I were in the car a few weeks ago, on our way to see JT. Christina, who watches the kids for us, had been gone on holidays for 31 days as of that night.  I was at my breaking point.

Driving. Finding child care. More driving. Trying to work. Christmas. Repeat. My job. My worries. Not dad's. Okay.. I do have a more flexible schedule.

Anyway - back in the car, we were having an argument because I said I was tired. So tired. I cried.

We have one very differentiating view of the way we look at life.

When I say I'm tired. My husband hears: "I don't like my life. I'm not happy."
When I say I'm tired. I mean "I'm tired. Please help."

Husband, and I admire this about him to a point, doesn't believe in ever, EVER not being 100% happy. We have so so much in our lives and we are very grateful people for our good fortune to be able to work hard and try and be healthy, loving people. I agree. Totally.

Me, I don't think I've ever been happier than this past year**, but I get tired, or grumpy or frustrated at times. Doesn't mean I don't like my life. Just means that I'm having a day. I want to be able to express that I'm struggling that day. Every day is not perfect and I love my life because of it.

It's okay to be tired some days. Tired and happy.***

** There have been wonderful moments and periods of our lives, but this past year has been just so amazing.. see next post.

*** Or tired and sad. Or whatever you feel. Just feel it.