Monday, February 3, 2014

Tired and Happy.

Sheldon and I were in the car a few weeks ago, on our way to see JT. Christina, who watches the kids for us, had been gone on holidays for 31 days as of that night.  I was at my breaking point.

Driving. Finding child care. More driving. Trying to work. Christmas. Repeat. My job. My worries. Not dad's. Okay.. I do have a more flexible schedule.

Anyway - back in the car, we were having an argument because I said I was tired. So tired. I cried.

We have one very differentiating view of the way we look at life.

When I say I'm tired. My husband hears: "I don't like my life. I'm not happy."
When I say I'm tired. I mean "I'm tired. Please help."

Husband, and I admire this about him to a point, doesn't believe in ever, EVER not being 100% happy. We have so so much in our lives and we are very grateful people for our good fortune to be able to work hard and try and be healthy, loving people. I agree. Totally.

Me, I don't think I've ever been happier than this past year**, but I get tired, or grumpy or frustrated at times. Doesn't mean I don't like my life. Just means that I'm having a day. I want to be able to express that I'm struggling that day. Every day is not perfect and I love my life because of it.

It's okay to be tired some days. Tired and happy.***

** There have been wonderful moments and periods of our lives, but this past year has been just so amazing.. see next post.

*** Or tired and sad. Or whatever you feel. Just feel it.

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