Saturday, April 5, 2014

Life as we know it

It's really hard for me to believe that only a year ago little Sasha was still a non-bottle taking, non-sleeping well treat. We were in our Ambleside home, and I would have just wrapped up on the Home Show take one.

I'm sure most of us do it, but I always love looking back and saying "I can't believe it's been a year already.." Thinking about how fast it has come and how much has changed - or not.

Sasha, you do sleep better, and you will drink milk, but you are still a little handful! Take two of the Home Show has already wrapped and now we have this completely different home = life.

I've said this recently the last few days and I don't really like how it sounds, but I'll say it here.
I'm finding that I'm loving Pavel more and more and more each day. Not that I ever loved him less than full, it's just we are having so much fun and really clicking again.

We have our bond back that may have had to be put on hold while Sasha and I got aquatinted and sorted. Pavel and I have time to go and swim and eat and play while Sasha is napping. We laugh, a lot. Pavel never stops talking, so we also talk a lot to each other. (A lot about jails? pirates, ninjas, and how "good" he is at hockey and golf)

With Pavel, there is always a way around a roadblock to get what he really wants. He knows that if he's had fries recently, if I ask him what he wants for dinner, he won't get fries again, for example. He's able to dance around, changing words, thinking of ways to spin fries as healthy (mom, I'll just have potatoes for dinner please. Maybe we can cook them in the oven and put salt on them with dip?) He's nearly outsmarted me a number of times, I know it won't be long before the boys are secretly cheering when I'm not quick enough to fall for their traps.

"Family! I have an announcement." Pavel exclaimed one morning before we were off to work, "I just went for a pee and my dinky got stuck in my pants and I peed all over my pants, so I'm thinking I need new pants to wear."

Just a regular morning with boys I think.

Only Oilers game shot before the phone died!
Little painter at Stella's party. Wasn't too sure at first.. 
Pavel has started coming into my bed in the middle of the night. Sharing a pillow with me even. I used to make him go back, but now I don't. It won't be long before he doesn't want to snuggle with his mama. He's taught me the perfect way to wake up - Exactly two fists in your eyes, rub twice, then rollllllll around and face the other way. Then it's time to get up.

I think the best part of life right now is watching the two boys play together. Pavel is just so patient. We are constantly asking him just to help us do whatever we can to keep Sasha happy. I know it's not fair, but soon, when Sasha understands his behaviour more, then we'll stop with these asks.

Nonetheless, Pavel does it. He loves to make his brother laugh. He's started wrestling with Sasha. Gentle, because Pavel is a gentle boy.. where as Sasha gives the double hand shoves and punches (oh great, just great)*. They laugh a lot. Their game they play lately is that Sasha loves when Pavel takes his arm and runs with him. Sasha's mini legs can't keep up, so he ends up being dragged all around the house. I yell to stop, but they giggle and laugh all throughout the house.

*We have actually taught Sasha to tickle when he wants to hit. It's working quite well. I winds up to punch and catches himself.. tickle tickle tickle!


Pavel really is the older brother. He especially wants to tell Sasha when he is bad and give him a time out. (I try not to allow this of course) I've seen Pavel take Sasha by the arm and say "Time out Sasha! No hitting!" Sasha goes along happily.. "OH Tay" Sasha says and then goes and stands in the corner with a big smile on his face. He loves time out. Great, just great.

Sasha only eats off everyone else's plates

I remember one of the things I was most sad about leaving the old house was the hallway in between our two bedrooms upstairs. I was going to miss watching Pavel run back and forth and back and forth. There was maybe only room for 7 steps for him to run and 3 for me? It wasn't a long runway, but we loved playing there.
Well, I certainly didn't realize the gem of this house - our extra long hallway that is a constant source for entertainment.

I send Pavel down that hall when he needs to run off energy. I give piggyback rides at full speed (Don't tell Cameron's daddy she gets the rides too, we only do it when daddy isn't around.. it's kind of dangerous!) and then dump them on the couches. We play a lot of sports in that hall too.

Pavel took Sasha as his Show and Share. Sasha was loving the attention. Pavel and I laughed at all Sasha's tricks.
Sasha is ready for school.

Made his bed.. allowance is on the line! (Don't judge those curtains!! lol)
Pavel and his bestie Harper on a movie date! Lego movie!
This house really couldn't be more perfect.

And now as the warmer weather is finally upon us, we can't wait to be outside.

These are never great pics, but they are us.. in the moment! 


I need to give Sasha a shout out. Chatty Cathy number two. Non-stop talking.

"Oh Man! Mama, don't!"
He loves books and always wants a book read to him, especially CAT. The most worn out book we have.
Always please and thank you, even when you don't prompt him.
He loves to be outside, and always wants to put his coat and boots on. Ride around in the little red car.
Such a snuggle bug. And a beast at the same time.
He loves routine and doesn't like anything new.
Loves to dance, loves the song HAPPY!!!, and Elmo and Thomas.
Always climbing. Loves to jump up on the benches behind the couch and throw himself over. Preferably loves to roll off and thump to the ground.

Sasha needs a haircut! 

Puddle jumping day.

Sasha has to eat where Pavel eats.

Big kids!

Having breakfast with Baby

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