Saturday, April 26, 2014

Living Healthy

A healthy life. Isn't that we all say we want? I actually bet that most of really do want that, but it's not easy.

It's inconvenient. It's hard work. It takes planning. It takes motivation. It takes a lack of a sugary sweet anything addiction.

The first year of Sasha's life is quite foggy to me (what in the heck did we do for Easter last year? Can someone please remind me of where we did the egg hunt??), but I do remember a lot of time spent driving in the car and waiting in drive-thrus.

Why don't they have healthy food drive-thrus? Please food creator people out there.. help a young family out! We don't want to eat crap all of the time, but we also don't want to get out of our cars and wake young grumpy babies who rarely sleep. See the dilemma here?

So. Back on track - having a healthy lifestyle has weighed heavily on me... forever. But really since we've had children, and even more so now with Sheldon's dad's sudden passing last year.

I really want my children to grow up with fitness being a part of who we are. I want it to be something we look forward to. Something we do as a family.

Well.. shout out to the one and only OP then, who introduced us to the Royal Glenora Club. I wasn't interested in joining there, ever really, until I went. It's not fancy. It needs a serious renovation. But wow, has it changed our lives.

To say we love it is an understatement. We swim as a family once or twice a week, minimum. We have family dinners on the pool patio afterward with friends. I have started taking tennis lessons and am obsessed. Sheldon too, has started an exercise regime again and is into the tennis as well. No more waking up on the weekends, wondering what we should do to "get out of the house".

Some Saturday nights are spent on dates, at the club playing tennis, followed by dinner and drinks after.

What's that? Exercise for a date night? It just wasn't in our family's vocabulary before.

I'm so thankful that we have access to the RGC. To the lifestyle that for the last five months, we have learned to embrace and love. For the addiction to hitting the sweet spot, watching Pavel in his own tennis classes laughing and having fun (while I ride the bike, I might add). Sash man kicking his feet so hard in the pool and jumping in the deep end to mommy.

To the new friends and spending more quality time with our "old" friends. To the friendly faces to encourage us to come back everyday, multiple times a day.

A little gem in the centre of the city. Keeping this family fit.

So grateful.


*I have to mention the child care set-up. I so wish we were able to access the club when Sasha was brand new! You are able to leave your children in the child care area for four hours - and LEAVE the building. That's right moms without child care. Get groceries. Get your hair done. Hell, have a nap. You deserve it.

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