Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Without a doubt, having children has been the best move of our married life so far. And taking that even further, I feel so lucky that we were able to give Pavel a sibling - his little bro.

Pavel and Sasha genuinely like each other right now. They laugh together - whether it's Pavel rolling around a cup, or Sasha eating a tomato and saying "ewe" on repeat (and then throwing it in my wine glass), I hear lots of little boy giggles around here.

Pavel is always aware of Sasha - where he is, what he needs and makes sure he's included in what's going on.

Anytime Pavel is not home, the first thing out of Sasha's mouth when I see him is "Pab? Pabel? Where's Pab?" He loves his big bro.
New kicks while mom's away

And yes they wrestle, Sasha is learning to tame his aggression with a tickle instead of a "punch" (Who taught him that word and action please and thanks??) and they get mad at each other. All normal stuff.

But I can't help but think genuinely, they really like each other. Does this last?

We do our best not to compare and say things like "Well, look how much your brother has eaten? Soon Sasha will be taller than you!" Although, clearly those words have come out of my mouth before. I just don't want them to compete with each other - other people, sure. A little healthy competition is good for motivation, but not with each other.

Our favourite game to play together right now is tag - more specifically, turtle tag. Mommy and Sasha are a team (I carry Sash), and we run all over the house playing this fun game Pavel learned at gymnastics. The boys love to be scared - like hide and jump out at them scared and Sasha always says "Again mommy. Again"

At Pavel's ball hockey last weekend, Sasha was the loudest cheerleader in the stands "Go go go Pab! Go Pab Go!" Well, what do you know? Pavel scored right off the hop and also got himself a nice little assist right after. Way to go Pavel! After the game Sasha ran out onto the field and they gave each other a huge hug.

Picking up Pavel from school this week, I brought Sasha with me. He ran right into Pavel's classroom with a huge smile and started playing with all his school friends and the toys. Pavel beamed later. "All my friends love Sasha mom. They all love my little brother. He's so cute mom."

It's nearly 9pm. I took the boys swimming after dinner, so it is a late night. Sasha has been in his bed for nearly an hour, but won't stop playing with this train that makes noises. Pavel, on the other hand, has been listening to Sasha and giggling uncontrollably every time he hears a toot toot! 

I have a four year old and a one year old. Not for long as Sasha's birthday is at the end of July. I'm going to miss four and one. Four and two is different and soon enough, five and two will have to be the new norm. Life is slowly getting easier.

I love it and I hate it. 


- Mommy.

A shout out to my little man who never stops talking. We def thought with one chatty Cathy (Pavel), the other boy would be a quiet little one not being able to get an word in edgewise. We were wrong. They both talk. Non-stop.

Sasha is speaking in full sentences
"I want a yogurt mommy. Strawberry one please"
"You guys see that? See that?" - When he does his tricks of course
" Pabel? I come too Pabel!"
"I do it mommy. I do it!"

He also can count to ten. I was so amazed the first time he did this a few weeks ago, I ran out of my room in shock. I have to give Christina props for all the teaching she's been doing with the boys while we are at work. 

What mom?

A flashback - Sasha still in my tummy!

Christina takes them on great adventures while we are at work

A snack at the golf course on a sunny summer night.

Swimming Date 

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