Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I got home at 12:53am this evening.

I rode my bike tonight and felt like a kid again.

When I rolled up my driveway, my emotions overtook me. I cried. I sat on my driveway and cried.

I sometimes wonder just how thankful you can be and how much you can try to show your appreciation for all the blessings in life.

For walks with your kids. Barbecues with the ones you love. Healthy family. Bike rides and gab sessions with the best of friends. Trust. Respect. Fun. Hilarity.

I hope I never forget the way this feels. The summer air blowing through our hair while we whip through the streets. Wet from the sprinkling rain. Beyonce tunes in our heads from the dance party we just had. (adult, all ladies dance parties are so cool)

The view of our gorgeous city. I never thought I'd be here. This happy. Content.

Thank you thank you thank you... times one million.