Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sash Man is Two

Happy birthday my sweet! (About 6 weeks ago now). I can't believe you are a growing two year old.
Yes, you are finally growing. But only a touch! You are a whopping 24 pounds and 33.5 inches tall. Oh my Sasha. Grow grow grow grow. We know you eat enough.. non stop, but time to get those legs a stretching!

We are loving watching you grow up. You are definitely not a baby anymore. You full on talk.

I don't know mommy.

I want more carrots please mommy.

Mommy, where is Tina?

Under the bridge mommy! Let's go  under the bridge!

You are also a parrot who repeats anything and everything:

I'm really mad mommy. Honestly! Really mad.

We laughed so hard today at you being cheeky. Your brother was having a crying tantrum rolling around in a blanket on the floor (who knows why, I think he hit himself in the face and was embarassed). You got down on the floor beside him, rolled up in a corner of that blanket and pretended to cry.. with a huge smile on your face. When we laughed at you, you burst out laughing too. I love the dynamic between us all.

You are definitely a feisty one. Much more than Pavel. You keep him in line and we need to keep you in line! No more hitting and biting little one (mind you, you are much better now, only when provoked)

You've known how to count to ten for the last few months and now you go up to twenty! That really impressed me!

You love the pool, hot tub. You love to play hockey and golf. You have to do everything yourself and don't want our help of course.

Oh my you are cute! Mommy and Daddy find ourselves saying all the time how cute you are. Those big blue eyes, those curls! Sasha.. you are a handsome fellow!

I should mention you are Mr. Temper Tantrum these last few weeks. You don't like getting dressed. You don't like not hitting. You don't like going to bed. You don't like when Pab gets something you don't. You don't like what we've made for supper. I think the only thing you like is cereal to be honest.

It's the first thing out of your mouth every morning.

CEREAL. Like now mom.

You love your brother!


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