Monday, August 3, 2015

The Truth

I haven't been updating this site because I've felt like I've personally outgrown "blogging about my kids". Maybe not so much that as the thought process that goes something like - I'm a businesswoman now. I can't be blogging about my family and life, I need to keep things serious, so people take me seriously.

Except. I can't. It's not me. I'm serious and professional. I'm emotional and empathetic. I'm sappy and determined and fun and silly all in one. It's what makes me good, at what I'm good at.

And I'm also a mom.

Which brings me back to here.

I'm a sappy mom right now.

Sasha's been saying "Cribs are for babies! I'm not a baby! I want a big boy bed!"

Yes, we've still had him in his crib. He's small for his age and can't climb out. He'd party all night long if he knew how to escape from that thing.

Or so I thought.

I ripped the bandaid off one morning and we tore down his crib.

I threw it up on Kijiji later that night and it sold asap. Someone just picked it up.

New parents to be. A cute young couple who are so excited about their impending journey ahead. She was so sweet, and he was serious but likeable.

"It's the perfect piece for our nursery. It's the final touch, and then we'll be ready for baby."

It's seems like those exact words just came out of my mouth. Nearly six years ago.

I'm sad, but it's going to a good home. Will make another mommy and daddy so proud to place their little one in it for the first time. Another mommy will sit next to it at 3am, shooshing her little one to sleep. Another mommy will sneak inside the crib late at night when her 2-year-old can't sleep and read them a story, squished inside next to him.
A new brother or sister will figure out ways to break the next babe out of the crib so they can party all night long together.

Deep breath. Serious mom comes back.

I can let it go now, to allow someone else to create those blessed moments. They've made us so, so happy.

My big boys await their mom.

Pavel checking it out for the first time.

Not a fan.

Oh! Now he's a fan. 

Exhausting life!

Sports master

Little Brother Jo gets a turn (aka, Sasha)

Perhaps the first holding of the little brother. Little brother is terrified. 

At the new house, getting Sasha used to his new room!

Sleepover time!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I suck

Almost one whole year.

Have you ever had a moment or time in life that seemed so important in the thick of it all and when you look back critically, it's still important - but for totally different reasons?

This year has been like this.

Part of my reason for not writing is because this time passing thing is just too painful.

Pavel lost two teeth yesterday. He graduates Kindergarten in two weeks.

Sasha is nearly three. Almost potty trained. Still stuck in his crib.

My heart hurts.

I'll catch up on sharing memories this year. Reading posts from the past few years tonight has reminded me why writing here is just so important to me.

For now: Cabo in November. With our dearest friends. Pavel turned five! We are a lucky family.

We had one heck of a bday party for Mr. Pavel. Relay race, scavenger hunt, musical towels, pinata, a fiesta.. lucky kid!

Love Mr. Sash's determination

Cabo Photos by Sara Richardson Photography